Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blah. Just. Blah.

I decided I'd get up this morning and do the weed-eating in the yard, front AND back.  Yay me.  We have this wonderful electric weed-eater, so I had to drag out 2 sets of super long extension cords so I could reach the mailbox and all the way on every side of the house.

I managed to get the front yard mostly done before it was time to refill the string.  Break time for breakfast!  Cheese grits are just the freaking bomb, I tell you.  Finished eating, got the thing refilled with the string, and got back to weed eating.  I had on long knit yoga pants and flip flops.  Yes, I know, I should have been wearing sneakers.  Believe me, after getting the sensation that my pinky toe on my right foot had been impaled, 3 different times, I wish I had put on the sneakers (it was fine, sore now, but fine). 

With the period here, it really took a LOT out of me to work in the yard that little bit.  Normally physical activity helps the cramps and pain, but not today.  I was in agony, just absolute agony, after I got finished in the yard.  I took a shower, had a cry and pity party, then popped an ibuprofen and laid down with not one, but TWO, heating pads (one for the front, one for the back).  Steven came in and joined me for a bit, I guess he wanted company and he didn't want me to be alone with me being all whiny and in pain.

At dinner, Clydie and I discussed that we were going to remove our "boulder holders" after dinner.  Steven had to say "oh no, we're gonna have a rock slide!"  It was pretty funny, guess you had to be there.

I stuck a hair clip/claw in Gabriel's neck fur.  He freaked out and ran to Clydie's room and jumped on her bed.  She had to remove it.  Then I stuck it on Dominion, and he just shook his head and it flipped off of him quickly.  So I stuck it on Gabriel's neck again, and he tucked tail and ran to the landing, cowering.  Gabriel is such a chicken!  He gets scared over NOTHING sometimes!  And of course, it's kinda funny most of the time. 

And no, I don't torture the dogs all the time.  Sometimes things happen that make the dogs have funny reactions, but we don't typically do things that would terrorize them.  Even the simple act of Brian and Steven rough-housing will terrify Gabriel.  Loud laughter and noises scare him, as so sticking things in his fur.  Thunder doesn't phase him.  Dominion, on the other hand, is absolutely terrified of thunder, but the loud laughter and horse play doesn't bother him.  Hell, half the time on the horse play, he wants to join in!

It's 10:15pm, and I'm ready for bed.  Past ready for bed.  I've been watching ghost shows on LMN and the Travel Channel.  Actually, I had to change off the Travel Channel for 2 reasons - I'm getting a little tired of Ghost Adventures, and second - I am sick to damn death of that damn "Big Time RV" commercial with the little girl that practically sings the word "whaaattttt??????"  That is the one commercial that I fucking despise.  I mean, seriously - they are advertising a show, why are they using the SAME clip(s) EVERY DAMN DAY?!?!?!?!?  Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

Okay, I'm packing it in for tonight - y'all have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday!

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