Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whiny Tuesday.....

Yeah, I couldn't wait and make it Whiny Wednesday.  I'm whiny today.  Actually, the whiny started yesterday.  I get like this when I'm hopelessly sick.  The allergies and sinus stuff started Sunday night, very very mildly, then kicked my ASS yesterday afternoon.  I did manage to make it to the gym and do upper body on the weights, sat in the sauna for maybe 3-4 minutes, then left.  I couldn't even wait around for the tanning bed, I felt so bad. 

Stupid sinus headache, pressure, sore throat and congestion.  I'm totally surprised I made it til May before this stuff started.  I thought with the Claritin every night, I'd head it off at the pass, and maybe that just prolonged the inevitable, who knows. 

I went to Walmart after the gym because I needed to pick up something to eat and my blood pressure meds.  Any other time, when I go to the pharmacy to pick up an Rx, there's just one or 2 people in line, but when you feel like shit, there's 8.  And the first two are "special", that take FOREVER!!!!  Then the lady in front of you is told that her insurance won't pay for her Rx until she tries a particular OTC med, which the cashier told her, and when asked how much the Rx was without insurance and was told "$100+" she's like "okay - what's that OTC again????"  LOL  So at least I got a laugh out of it.

So last night I was crashed out by 8pm, woke up right before 11, showered, harvested my Farmville crops, then back in bed.  Felt somewhat tired this morning, but the headache and pressure were much better.  May try out my Neti pot tonight for the first time.  I hope that helps. 

Daddy just helped me figure out what caused this - Sunday Brian and I raked up the straw we had put down at Mom's for the grass, and because we watered the straw covered areas, there's probably mold growing in the straw.  I raked that stuff, and picked it up to put in the wheelbarrow, and dumped it, so I was directly exposed to that shit.  Dammit.  I was so happy that I avoided this crap this year!

Time to dope up again......maybe take my shower and crash out before 11pm tonight.  Good night peeps!

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