Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's been a week....already?????

Well, the first week of Brian's deployment has passed by relatively quickly, although it sure didn't feel like it as I was living it. Looking back, now that he's been gone a week, it does feel like it's been pretty quick. I know people keep telling me "oh that year will pass by so fast you won't even realize it!" and I'm just not buying it. Even feeling the way I feel today, that the last week went by quick, I only feel that way looking back on it.

It was a hellacious week to start with - the water heater, my grandmother's cat, dealing with dental insurance issues, and Dominion is really missing his "daddy". He's so pitiful - he normally follows me around if Brian isn't home for short periods of time, but he's almost underneath me, the whole time I'm home. This morning, he crawled up in the bed and buried his face into my chest and shoulder, like someone who is really upset would do for you to comfort them. I've held myself together pretty damn good this week, all things considered, but that just got to me. At least with kids, you can explain where a deployed soldier is, and that he will return. You can't do that with pets and have them comprehend what you're saying.

So, I took Dominion and Gabriel to the dog park to have some fun. They always enjoy going there, and of course they've suddenly forgotten how to walk properly on the leash, without half-dragging my ass through the grass to get to the park. I almost got pulled down the steps the other night! But they had a great time.

Here they are, after we got home.......


So this morning, I decided I wanted to make another pan of dressing for dinner. I love some good homemade dressing, and I believe that mine is pretty darn good. I've got some fresh (well, frozen fresh) green beans cooking, and am frying up some chicken legs. I can't wait til the chicken is done!

I'm thinking of making some more of the Christmas ornaments that I made several years ago, picture below:


Those aren't that difficult to make, and it would be another project I can work on to pass the time. Not to mention, I may be able to sell a few sets. I've been thinking of getting all the excess stuff we have around here and taking it to the local flea market to sell, and may be able to sell these Christmas ornaments while I'm there as well. If any of you reading this would like a set of the ornaments, let me know. I'm going to make the new ones with a better ribbon to hang them with, and am considering doing some in different colors, such as that pink/mauve color that some people use, and blues, as well. If you are interested in a set with a particular color scheme, let me know!

Had a great dinner last night with Brian's family - it was Ricky D's birthday and we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Douglasville. I even got to sing some karaoke - first time I've ever done that stone cold sober, with zero liquid courage in me!

I got the news that a guy I was in band with for years in school, has colon cancer. 43 years old. It's been so shocking to hear this news. Based on his PET scan, it hasn't spread anywhere yet, so that's a good sign. He's either stage 2 or 3, it will depend on what they find when they operate on Wednesday. If you are the praying type, please pray for my friend Jon.

And please keep praying for my dear sweet mother-in-law....3 chemos down, 1 to go, then the radiation starts.

Well, it's about dinner time, so that's it for me tonight. I've had a great weekend, and survived my first week of my husband's deployment. If I made it through this first week, as rough as it was, then I can make it through the rest of the year that he'll be gone. I just gotta keep telling myself that!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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