Sunday, October 30, 2011

Four weeks......

Yep, it's been four weeks since he's been gone. The weekend he left was hard, but this weekend has been harder, as I know he's leaving the country and the chance to talk to him will be fewer and farther between, due to time differences and the expense of calling. Hopefully he'll have good internet connectivity where he's going to start with, and he's been told he should have decent connectivity at his final destination in about a month.

I tend to just shut down, so to speak, when I worry about things, or get overly sad about things, and it's been a struggle the last 4 weeks to make myself go to the gym or anywhere else. I've managed to get to the gym 4 times a week so far, except maybe one week. I went to interval yesterday morning and was happy to hear they've added an interval class on Thursday afternoon. I can't make it to the Monday one anymore, because I have to pick my son up from school that one day due to his journalism club meeting, and I can't make it there by 5:30pm. But on Thursdays, he doesn't go to the gym with me, and I can head straight over there. Yay!

So yes, my moods go up and down, depending on what I'm thinking about and what is going on. Today has been a bad day, between knowing Brian is actually leaving for overseas tonight, and I've had a toothache pretty much all damn day long. I've tried to keep myself busy, sleeping and doing laundry, but it's not helping enough. I'm waiting on the dentist to receive whatever it needs from the pre-treatment stuff that the insurance companies have to give them, but I know one of the companies has already paid for a portion of the work that needs to be done, and dammit, I need to get this shit started. I absolutely cannot function like this, but I cannot stay out of work to stay drugged up.

Thankfully one of my friends had invited my son and me to dinner and out to Zombie Apocalypse last night, so that kept my mind off Brian's impending departure, at least for a little while. The ZA was so much fun! We had a great time, screaming and laughing.

I had to get a choke collar for Gabriel - he's been acting nuts with the regular collar, so I got this one in the hopes it will work better. This isn't the standard chain choker - it's a nylon collar with a small chain section that tightens up when you pull on the leash. It squeezes just enough to be uncomfortable, but not painful, and not enough to cut off their air. He's been doing better on it, but of course the real test will be a trip to the dog park. That's when he pulls the worst.

Well, I've got to get myself ready for bed....I hope you all have a great week.....

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