Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday night....great day today!

Well here it is, Saturday night. Home relaxing after going to the movies with my son and Brian's former roommate Brandon. Alica was supposed to come, too, but she ended up having to work. Oh well - she missed a great spaghetti dinner and Hershey pie dessert. And Paranormal Activity 3......

I guess I'm getting to be a wuss as I get older, but that movie was kinda scary. Brandon and I both were sitting there, covering our eyes during the lead-up to the scary parts, but of course were both laughing our asses off, as was Steven. It was kind of annoying at times, because the damn audience was so freaking loud after something would happen, they would chatter and shout for the longest damn time. Missed what I think was an important conversation in the movie that had something to do with a witch's coven because everyone was so loud. That, and a bunch of people, as it was leading up to a scary part, a few smartasses would yell "boo!" or make a quick scream. Apparently that has happened a lot with that movie, because before it started, one of the employees actually told everyone to not talk during the film, that there'd been issues with other showings where people talked and acted up too much.

We are dogsitting my mother-in-law's and sister-in-law's dogs this weekend. Sophie, the chihuahua, is my mom-in-law's dog. She has pretty much stayed with Steven all weekend. She doesn't care for Dominion or Gabriel very much at all. Can't say I blame her - Gabriel plays very rough and she's just too tiny and delicate to be rough-housed with like Gabriel does.

Pepper, the Boston terrier, has played NON-STOP with this rubber squeaker toy. On the rare occasions that she takes a nap, she sleeps with the thing right next to her mouth!

Well folks I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard....had a great day time.....time to go night-night.....

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