Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ho hum......

It's Monday night, after midnight (so technically it's Tuesday), and I'm just not feeling going to bed. I find it funny that I wanted to spend the entire weekend in bed, sleeping, yet when I NEED to be sleeping, so I can be rested for work, I'm not that sleepy. The snakes sure are out this year. When I was walking the boys one day last week, I found a very small dead one, less than a foot long, on the sidewalk. Gabriel tried to eat it, so we threw it into the woods. The next night, there was a flattened one in the road where we cross - a little bigger than the one on the sidewalk. Neither dog paid any attention to it. Last night, as we crossed the street, there was a slightly larger snake crossing the damn road towards our house. When I say slightly larger, this thing was maybe a foot long, and it was black and white striped. It was actually kinda pretty. But, I am not a fan of wild snakes, especially when I've seen 3 in as many days. Both pups have upset tummies - Steven woke me up at 2am because he smelled the stink of sick dog poop coming from underneath my bedroom door. I got up and cleaned the mess, and have no idea which one did it, as both were laying in my bed, acting all innocent. This morning, at some point before the alarm went off, I heard a somewhat unfamiliar noise, and then one of the dogs got back on the bed, and came and stood on my hair and tried to get me up. I told them it wasn't time to get up yet, and rolled over. A few minutes after my alarm went off, I heard that same noise, then realized it was a dog having a sick poop again. About that time, poor little Dominion comes over towards me with this sad look on his face, and out the front door we all went, Gabriel on the runner, Dominion loose (on purpose), and me in my pj's (no time for clothes). After Dominion finished, we came in so I could change and take them on a proper walk, and Gabriel starts having sick poop, so out he goes again on the runner while I changed clothes. Yuck, what a shitty way to start a Monday! Both boys got the pleasure of having chicken and rice tonight for dinner, and their tummies seemed to have calmed down. I'm hoping for a peaceful, full night of sleep tonight, with no poopie accidents. Okay, well the sleepy bug is starting to hit, of course, now that I'm doing something, so I'm gonna take advantage and go to bed. Have a great week.

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