Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Had a great weekend down in Florida at Brian's brother's house.  Steven, Mama Clydie and I got there Friday afternoon, hit the beach before dinner, and damn was it windy!  The wind made it quite cold, I don't know how Steven stood the water, although I was told it was warm.  And the wind was so brutal, it was pelting our legs with the sand, and that was quite painful.

Saturday we got up and went to Sebastian Inlet - there's a body of water there, and on the other side is the ocean.  Steven preferred the ocean, as it had waves.  More of the big, rough waves he got Friday night, but fortunately it wasn't cold.  It was still very windy, but with the sun out, it was quite warm.  We all got sunburned to some extent, but of course Steven will turn brown in a day or two.

Made it home safe and sound tonight, and now I'm tired.  Time to head to bed.  I hope everyone had a happy Easter.

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