Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I just don't get it........

Facebook status update seen this morning: 

I met a wonderful guy tonight that just blew my mind!!! He is sweet, funny, caring, thoughtful, and just as playful in every way that I am. I will change my relationship status as soon as i can get to a computer!!! He is a wonderful single father of two beautiful girls!!!

Seriously?!?  She just met him last night, and she's already going to change her relationship status?   Ever hear of actually getting to know someone before jumping into a relationship?

Not to mention - every time she meets someone, she jumps into a relationship without really getting to know them, then gets all upset and bent out of shape when they don't live up to her unrealistic expectations.

She's not over the one she was supposed to marry - she still carries on about him, and about how he lied to her, and how he's lying to the one he cheated on her with, that he is currently partnered up with.

Don't get me wrong - it's a great feeling, thinking you've found "the one" - but you don't just fly off the handle, all willy nilly, thinking you should go ahead and broadcast that shit to the world.  I mean, hell - don't you think that will absolutely scare the living the daylights out of the guy, declaring you are "in a relationship" the very day after meeting him?  If it doesn't scare him to death, that's a major warning sign, for many things, and you should run like hell away from him.

I've seen a saying "I'm crazy, not stupid" - actions like this person's may make one think she's both. 

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