Sunday, April 15, 2012

My own worst enemy.....

When someone is full of self doubt is hard for them to believe that someone else can believe in them....

Saw that a few nights ago on Facebook.  So very true!  And this so perfectly describes me at times.  Like the night I saw this.  I was so angry when I left work, and was hoping the gym would help with the anger, but the anger turned into self-doubt and self-loathing.  I can't say I don't know why the gym turns my feelings that way, I know exactly why it does. 

I'm not making the progress I want to be making, and it's no one's fault but my own.  Others are seeing the results, but I just don't see them sometimes.  Or more accurately, I'm not seeing enough results, fast enough.  And I know, I didn't gain the weight overnight, and it won't come off overnight, either.  Dammit! 

I know that we are our own worst enemy - we are our harshest critic.  I don't need anyone's help in making me feel bad about myself, I do enough of that all on my own.  Of course when it's a pile-on by others, that just exacerbates the feelings I have towards myself, and who needs that?  It's a choice to let others bother you, regardless of the circumstances, and it's a lot easier to deal with the comments of others, than about your own thoughts in your head.

Just to be clear - I am not looking for confidence boosting from anyone today - I'm in a great mood and a great frame of mind, and I am certainly not fishing for compliments from anyone.  I was having a bad day on Thursday when I saw that post on Facebook, and started this entry.  I just chose to stop where I was at, because I was headed downhill on the self-doubt train and knew I needed to stop and get my perspective back.  All is well in my world!

Titty sprinkles.


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