Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Really Great News!

I got some really awesome news today!  I had a "wellness check" today, to include cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, and weight.

I failed the weight/BMI portion, which I knew I would.  That's a battle I'm fighting now, and am making slow progress at it.

The nurse had the glucose monitor upside down and it looked like it said 211 - I freaked out!  But, it was only 112.  Should be 110 or less, so I've got to really watch my sugar closely while I'm going through this weight loss and exercise process.  (I was fasting, so the sugar shouldn't have been over the 110)

Because of the scare with the glucose monitor, my blood pressure shot up.  I believe it was 121/90 when she checked it the first time.  Because that bottom # was so high, she checked it manually on the other arm, and it was 117/78.  Much better!  (Of course I consciously made the effort to relax and take deep breaths, and I think that helped)

But here's the great news - my cholesterol is down to 179!  (it was 247 last year)  The "bad" cholesterol (LDL) is 55 (I think that's the lowest mine has EVER been!), and my "good" cholesterol (HDL)is a big old 72!  I had a doctor once tell me if I could get my HDL to 75, regardless of the other #'s, I would be "bulletproof" against heart disease.  Of course I'd like the LDL and the triglycerides to be within appropriate limits, but I'll take this as a great bit of news today. 

The one bummer in the cholesterol figure is that my triglycerides was 262.  Yeah, those aren't supposed to be greater than 150, so I've still got some work to do.  But I'm on the right track.  I've been going to the gym pretty regularly since I started back a few weeks ago, only missing twice last week for date night and family night, and I missed tonight because I got delayed at work and wouldn't have had time to walk my 3 miles before time to go home for dinner.  I took a 1.5 mile walk Saturday morning, and again after dinner tonight, hills and all, to try to make up for missing the gym time.

So, while my overall health grade is a C+, I'll take it!

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