Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Dumb is Taking Over

I have witnessed so much STUPID over the past several days, I don't even know where to begin.  PMS makes it more frustrating, and some of it would be amusing if it just wasn't so damn DUMB.

Here's some examples.

I love the show The Blacklist.  I belong to several fan pages on Facebook.  Tonight, some silly ass starts spouting a bunch of religious stuff about sinners, and Jesus, etc., on a thread on one of the fan pages.  Just out of the blue, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the thread she was posting on.  Someone called her on it, then it just went downhill from there.  No one had a problem with this individual's beliefs, they just didn't belong on the thread - there were even a few comments asking the person if perhaps she was posting on the wrong thread or page.  The one that called her on it went to her profile and found LOTS of photos of scantily clad women, and other stuff that you'd think a "good religious person" would not be posting on their page.  It was just really aggravating to get bombarded with all the ignorant comments that were made by this individual who started out sounding like a super-religious person, and ended up sounding like a true troublemaker.

Sunday, I was in Wal-Mart with Clydie.  We were walking by the cheese aisle, selecting some cheese and talking.  This little old lady comes right up behind me, so close I could feel her breath on my back, and for every step I took to try to move out of her way, she was taking 3 to keep up with me!  She finally said "excuse me" and I hurried up to get out of her way.  Clydie and I continued walking through the store, and I was walking between her and the endcaps.  Suddenly I notice that I have someone following VERY closely behind me with their shopping cart. I glance behind me and it's the damn woman from the cheese section!  I told Clydie I had to hurry up and get on her other side, that I was about to cuss a bitch out, and that damn woman better hope she doesn't run that buggy up on my heels before I can get out of her way.  Thankfully, I escaped being assaulted by a shopping cart and avoided having to cuss someone out.

I have to work really, really hard to not comment on some of the posts that I see on Facebook and the news.  Many times I don't bother commenting at all, as I just don't want to get sucked into an internet argument about things.  That, and I have friends on both sides of the fence on a lot of topics, from gun ownership/control, vaccinations, politics, etc., and it's just not worth hurting anyone's feelings or pissing them off, especially if I find their comments especially ignorant.  I have great respect for several people with whom I don't agree, and I just leave things alone.  :-)

I'm sure there was a lot more "dumb" out there, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Be smart y'all!

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