Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Christmas Eve!

Sitting here on my bed, watching Long Island Medium, listening to whatever is on the TV in the living room (Steven, his girlfriend, and another friend of theirs are over, playing video games, watching tv, and baking gingerbread cookies and ugly sweater cookies), and just thinking.

I despise the Volkswagen commercials.  They are downright creepy - like people are holding the salesmen hostage and forcing them to be part of their family. Yes, I realize they're just commercials, but OMG they play so frequently and are just so downright creepy.  Tired of them!

Speaking of annoying commercials - can't stand the Big Lots commercials, either.  I'm glad that they prominently feature a plus sized woman rather than some very thin woman, but wow.  They overplay those as well.  And seriously - "Christmas doesn't happen without me" - as if men are incapable of making Christmas happen. 

But - Toys R Us has hit a home run with their commercial that ends with the female military member coming home to her son and husband.  Right in the feels.  And another one that really gets to me is the Paper & Packaging commercial, with the little boy that sends the paper airplane notes across the fence, like they're going to his father who is deployed.  Google that one if you haven't seen it.

It doesn't feel like it's Christmas.  The temperatures have been in the 70's and will likely reach 75 on Christmas Day tomorrow.  No big celebration with family, either, as Mom and Marion are still in England, and Meme is in the rehab facility, recovering from her broken femur.  Meme said she doesn't want anything to do with Christmas this year, don't send cards or gifts, don't even acknowledge the holiday.  I hate that she feels that way.

But, this year is the last year that I won't be able to spend with my mom - she and Marion will be back for good in 2016.  Yay!

I'm cooking our Christmas dinner for tomorrow, and it will just be the 4 of us and Steven's girlfriend, Hope.  Ham (new recipe - pastry wrapped ham with a Dijon mustard/apple cider/apple cider vinegar mixture), green beans, mac & cheese, deviled eggs, and sweet potato casserole.  Clydie is making a homemade bread that has to rise for 20 hours or so, so she got it started this morning, and it is rising extremely slowly (she said it only required a tiny bit of yeast).  I don't even remember what, if anything, we discussed regarding dessert, but that's okay, there's so much food I will be so stuffed when we're done with the meal!

Well that's about it for tonight folks.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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