Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Hump Day.....

but no humping for me.  Still.  LOL  TMI for some of you I would imagine, but what did you expect from me less than 2 weeks post-surgery?  I go to the doctor on Friday for my post-operative check-up, and will find out if I can return to work on Monday, or if I will need to wait another week or so, and also find out when I can resume my normal activities. 

As good as I was feeling the first week after surgery, I felt pretty sure I'd be ready to return to work on the 21st.  Unfortunately now I'm not so sure, as my stomach has been hurting since Saturday night.  It's not constant, and it's better in some ways than it was on Sunday, but I'm still concerned about it.  I've noticed today and the last few days, that if I sit upright at the table or on the couch or bed, when I stand up to walk my stomach feels like the muscles have shrunk and need to be stretched out again, and it hurts pretty significantly until I get it all stretched out again.

I did do some laundry this past weekend, but I did my best at not carrying anything over 10 lbs.  I've also been quilting the last few days, requiring me to sit up at the table.  I've gone to the store several times over the last week or so, as walking is helpful to my recovery and the doctor has said that I could do all these things.  You just can't lay in the bed for 2 weeks straight, doing nothing, and expect that you can jump up and be back to your normal self - you have to move around, stretch, walk, lift stuff that doesn't violate your doctor's weight limits that she's imposed, and that's what I've been doing. 

I certainly didn't think this recovery would be a piece of cake, but damn did my body fool me the first 4-5 days!  The digestive issues are pretty much resolved, things have processed much more easily the last several days.  Now I just have to figure out this pain in the left side of my belly and how to get past it.  I just don't see me sitting at my desk for 8 hours with this kind of pain every time I stand up.  (yes I know I'm "fortunate" that I have a desk job that isn't overly taxing or physically demanding, but this hurts, to sit for a while and try to stand up without having to double over when walking)

I'm going to see Meme tomorrow at the rehab facility.  I hope the visit goes well, I'm not really up for her shenanigans. 

Y'all have a great week!

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