Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Monday?

Who likes Mondays?  Not me.  I always prefer Fridays, for a number of reasons.  Spent the weekend relaxing, to an extent, and having to get back in gear to get back at the grind for another 5 days.  Usually it's not too bad, but I couldn't sleep last night.  I've stopped taking the nightly cough syrup (last night was night #2 without it), and I've developed this absolutely maddening itch on my lower legs.  I think it's a combo of extremely dry skin and perhaps having been on 3 antibiotics in less than 2 months.

I'm one of those lucky ones that normally puts their head on the pillow and am out within 2-3 minutes.  Seriously I'm out that fast.  Insomnia is not a problem I've had to deal with more than a very few random times in my life.  But an itch like I had last night will do it.  I had managed to doze off for just a few minutes, and was up in a search for this wonder product called Tricalm.  That is the ONLY product I've EVER had that will calm mosquito bites for me.  EVER.  And I couldn't find it.  I got the steroid cream that was initially prescribed for the rash on my neck, put that on my legs, followed by some Eucerin, and got back in bed, only to toss and turn for who knows how long before I finally went to sleep.  I felt like I had that tickly feeling that you get just before an itch starts, all over my damn body, and it was driving me NUTS.   I woke up at some point later to my husband rubbing my back, and thankfully for him the itching had stopped (maybe now is the time to warn him that itching to the extent that I was, makes me violently angry? meh) 

Fell back asleep and was awakened to the lovely sound of Dominion puking in the floor around 4:30am. 
We both got up and checked on him, cleaned up the mess and went back to bed.  Tossed and turned some more until the alarm went off.  Surprisingly I wasn't all that sleepy when I got up.  I've already taken me some Benadryl tonight so hopefully I can sleep (I've got that tickly, skin-crawling itch going on again dammit)

While I was getting dressed for work, my mom called to tell me the latest on Meme.  She had a very bad late afternoon/evening yesterday (possible stroke or seizure, followed by a code blue for respiratory arrest).  She was fine this morning, waiting for breakfast, and has no recollection of the events of last night.  Here's the scoop on what she's dealing with - she's got an intestinal bleed (same thing as back in October), and they're having trouble stopping it with minimally invasive procedures.  She's having surgery tomorrow to remove the portions of intestine that are bleeding, so if you will please send up all the prayers, positive mo-jo, ju-ju and vibes that you can.

Here's to hoping I can sleep tonight!  Sweet dreams everyone!

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