Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Meme had surgery this morning to remove the part of her intestines that was bleeding.  While the doctor was in there, he found a "very suspicious" looking area around the rectum, and he removed it.  She made it through the surgery, and is now back in the ICU.  As of 6pm this afternoon, she has not awakened and is still intubated.  Her vitals seem to be good, based on what my  mother read to me off the monitors, but she was just having trouble breathing when they got her to recovery.

The plan is to remove the breathing tube tomorrow, and hope for the best. 

I have so many funny stories about her, but here's one for tonight - I was in junior high, and I'd gone to the Greek festival in Atlanta for a field trip.  When the bus got back to the school, a lot of us poured inside the school to go to our lockers to get our book bags and stuff.  I didn't check in with her before I headed into the school, and as I reach my locker, I am mortified to hear her shrill voice, screaming my name.  I am utterly, absolutely and thoroughly embarrassed when I see how she appears - greased up face, hair was covered by a loud scarf, and she had on these wild, mismatched clothes (think gingham plaid with stripes, in loud colors).  I wanted to crawl into my locker and die!  You all remember how it was back at that age!  I was so mad at her for coming into the school and embarrassing me like that, and I pointed out that no one else's parent/grandparent was coming into the school looking for them.  I have no idea why she felt the need to come in the school to find me, like I couldn't figure out she would be outside somewhere for me, and not inside.  Oh well, I've gotten a chuckle or 2 about this the last couple of days when I've thought of it.

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