Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Latest with Meme

Meme had the surgery Tuesday to remove part of her intestines to try to get the bleeding to stop.  The breathing tube was removed yesterday, and she was awake, breathing on her own just fine.  And raising hell about being "chained to the bed" all night, with the door chained shut and plastic wrapped.  The old Meme was back!

Unfortunately the news today is not so good.  She had a massive bleed while sitting in the recliner, and has had 2-3 smaller bleeds since.  The doctors have told the family that there is nothing else that can be done, other than to keep her comfortable.  No more medications other than comfort meds, no more needle sticks, no more transfusions. 

There's a teeny tiny extremely small possibility that with her strong will and desire to live forever (I have to lol at that - she always refused to talk about dying, funeral plans, etc., as if she always thought she'd live forever), that she could rally and stop bleeding like she did last time. 

She will be transferred to hospice soon, depending on how things go the next few days at the hospital.  Prayers, thoughts, mo-jo, and ju-ju for her comfort and peace for the family would be much appreciated.

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