Saturday, January 22, 2011

From not so good, to good, and back to not so good....

Hmmm, got up this morning not feeling so great.  Throat was scratchy and hot feeling, had a headache, and my nose was stopped up.  Not to mention that I felt drugged (worse than usual) yet I had gotten more than enough sleep.  I figure I'm probably coming down with whatever bug Brian had earlier this week, but God I hope not.

Once I got up and moving around, we got ready and met some people from Myyearbook for lunch at La Parrilla in McDonough.  I had to pop a BC powder and drink some Coke before we got there, and that helped a LOT with the headache.  The lunch meet was interesting, as we didn't know these people, but we had a good time and the food is good.  I really liked the flavor of the salsa, although I prefer chunky salsa and this was not.

We ran a lot of errands afterwards - Sally Beauty Supply, Target, Sam's Club, Best Buy, and Petsmart.  Once we got home and relaxed a bit, I hit a few toes on Steven's desk chair.  Owie!!!  That almost made me cry!  But after I got over it I made some tomato soup and grilled cheeses sandwiches for us, and then I noticed that my left eye was bothering me. 

The more I've sat here, the worse my eye has gotten.  It's red, and running fluid from it.  I had this happen a few weeks ago and I knew it wasn't pink-eye then, and I know it's not pink-eye now.  I'm pretty sure I just have "cold" in my eye.  I'm trying to remember the last time this happened, whether I wore my contacts or not.  I know I've worn the contacts since that last episode, so I suppose it isn't that.  Oh well, gonna dope up on a lot of cold meds tonight and tomorrow and hopefully that will rid me of the congestion, and I tossed the contacts and will replace them with a fresh pair for next time I wear them.

And of course, thanks to the nachos and jalapenos today, my tummy is hurting!  But they were so very yummy!!!  Nyquil and my bed are calling my  name - good night everybody!

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