Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, it's Hump Day!

***okay, here's the proverbial warning that if you don't want to know intimately personal details about me, including medical stuff and womanly things, then you just might want to stop here and try my blog out another day***What a day.  Seems like yesterday's horoscope lingered over to today somewhat.  Today's horoscope was waaaayyyyy off target:The day could get off to a rocky start, as you and your loved one will likely
get into an argument first thing in the morning. Take heart, Deanna. By the
middle of the day will be well again. Your mate may send flowers to your desk as
a show of their affection, or might even surprise you with airplane tickets to
some wonderful destination. Actually, if he or she does not do these things for
you, why don't you? Reconciliation can be expensive, but lots of fun!

There were no arguments in this household this morning, all was peaceful and happy.  Well, except for Steven being extra difficult to wake up for school.  But still, it was a peaceful, calm morning, no bickering, no arguments, not even any raised voices.  
But, I'm "off" today, and have been a little bit this week (yes, it's that wondrous thing known as PMS).  I think it's not as brutal this time around since I started working out this week - I'm working off some of the frustrations and evil thoughts in those lovely group classes I torture myself with.  The point of this is that Brian noticed it when he talked to me on the phone.  I'm not my usual bubbly, cheerful self this week.  And it worries him sometimes, although there's nothing to worry about.  Yesterday and today have been really trying days for me at work, for a number of reasons, none of which I will go into here, other than to say - we really, really need to make the tshirts we discussed at lunch yesterday (for those that missed where I wrote about it, I believe the quote that would go on the tshirts is "things may look okay on the surface, but in my mind I've already killed you three times"), AND I really need a relaxing, fun vacation.Anyway, enough about the boredom of my daytime life.  Onto the fun stuff - Gold's Gym.  Tonight I participated in the Group Power class, which is a barbell workout.  I do believe that my back will be at least somewhat sore tomorrow, because I could really feel some of the muscles stretch and get taxed a lot in the workout.  My legs got ANOTHER day of hell, and my arms actually felt a good burn tonight.Tomorrow is a day off, as we are meeting Amanda and Avery for dinner at Moe's - gonna finally get my nacho fix!  Back at the workouts on Friday!Mom and Marion will be back on Saturday afternoon - yay!!!!Anyone going to Repticon this weekend?  let me know, maybe we can meet up!

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  1. okay the damn internet explorer is screwing the postings up again - I had it properly formatted in paragraphs, but nooooooo, it wouldn't post that way. I know you guys know that I don't write in long, run-on paragraphs like some people just irritates me when this happens and again, I'm too tired to care to fix this problem tonight!