Monday, January 24, 2011

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you.....

they're supposed to help you discover who you are.  Challenged I am, in more ways than one it seems.  LOL

Tonight, the challenge was walking into Gold's Gym, alone.  See, my workout partner and best friend, Michael, decided this weekend that he's not ready to start working out.  He can't locate all his gym clothes and other stuff he needs to take with him, so he wants to wait until he moves completely into Mom's to get started with the working out.  I decided that I could put it off no longer....I had a stressful day today, and when I'm stressed, I need to work out - HARD. 

The problem was, I wasn't sure what the class schedule was (I had forgotten to take it with me this morning), and to me it's always scary to walk into a new gym, with a bunch of hard & hot bodies, and feel like I fit in.  I had to talk myself into going and not putting it off until I had my buddy with me.  But, I went, met with Danielle (she works the front desk), and she convinced me to try the Interval Step class.  It didn't hurt that the class instructor came in while I was up front and we got introduced and I got a better explanation of what the class was about.

So I changed clothes and went to the classroom.  I've never done an Interval Step class before, so I wasn't 100% sure of what to expect, or what I needed.  I talked to a couple of the ladies that were in the back of the class and they told me what I needed and suggested which things would be better since it was my first class.  I made sure to get just the basic step (4"), 4lb weights and the green resistance band. 

Let's just say, I didn't need the step, as I had to stop using it after about 10 minutes (this was a 60 minute class) - my legs were almost jello at that point.  But, I modified the steps, being careful too with the ankle, and kept at it.  I remembered how much fun aerobics were in college, and how neat it was to see a room full of people moving in unison (well, almost, except for the out of shape goofs like me lol).

All things considered, it was a kick-ass workout that I enjoyed.  I think I will enjoy it better once I'm in better shape, but I felt so much more burn today than I EVER did at Curves.  I'm not gonna knock Curves, though, it was a great concept and it started me back on the road to fitness and really did a lot for me.  Between not having a workout buddy since Mom is moving, and the fact that Michael and I wanted to work out together, and also I really wanted to start working out somewhere that had weights and such, I think a gym is a better choice for me at this stage.

I'm looking at tomorrow's schedule, and the classes offered at 5:30pm are Group Kick (martial arts & boxing) and Group Centergy (yoga and Pilates).  I know I can't handle the Kick class tomorrow, I anticipate my lower body will be sore or at least abused feeling from today's workout, so I think I'll try the Centergy class.  I want to at least try each class they offer, at one point or another, then I can choose my favorites and alternate them as they are offered, that way I won't get bored and my body won't settle into a routine and hit a plateau.

Have I mentioned lately how much I really HATE exercising?????  Crazy, I know, but I also realize that exercise is a necessary evil when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.  I also realize that I will start to feel better and the stress in my life will go down significantly once I get back into it again. 

This is something I have to do for ME, and only ME.  I am not doing this for Brian, or because of anything anyone has said to me or about me.  I am so thankful to have a man in my life that loves me for me, not for what my body looks like.  He knows that at times I have insecurities about my weight, health, and the way I look, and he is so very supportive.  I never have to worry about him picking on me, or chiding me, or putting me down for the way I look, whether I'm in perfect shape or am overweight. 

More challenges for me:
*start getting more sleep at night, and try to stick to a decent bedtime schedule.  I'm going to shoot for bedtime by 11pm, midnight at the latest (you really don't wanna know what time I've been going to bed the last few months). 
*get my lunch ready before bed
*get my gym clothes ready before bed
*lay out the next day's clothes before bed

I waste so much time in the mornings picking out my clothes for work, and packing my lunch and gym clothes.  This is such a no-brainer time saver, and I have GOT to start doing it!  No nonsense!

Okay, to try to meet the challenge about bedtime, I've got to go.  Goodnight peeps!

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