Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing fancy....

No fancy titles, no profound words to say.  Just wanted to write about things in general, and in no particular order.

I picked Mom and Marion up from the airport yesterday.  They had a great time in England, and I think Mom is ready to just go on over there and get moved in somewhere.  The wound on her nose is healing, but she still has a huge scabbed place on the bridge of her nose and down.  (she missed a step-down in the apartment building and fell flat on her face, in case I didn't mention it before or if you're not keeping up).  Otherwise she looked great.

Brian and I went to Repticon yesterday.  He's interested in getting a male snake to breed his female with, but the ones we found were a little pricier than he wanted to go, so we came home with no new critters.  Steven even got better around the snakes and wasn't freaking out around them.  He still didn't want to touch them, but he wasn't acting all crazy like Mom would around them.

We took Prissy (the snake) to a boy scout meeting today for show and tell.  The boys there loved it!  And there was this little girl there, the little sister of one of the scouts - she was so cute and she just loved the snake.  In fact, when we put Prissy back in the carrier, that little girl came up and demanded that we take her back out so she could play with her.  She had no fear at all of the snake.  Steven even touched Prissy a lot more than he ever has, and said he wasn't as spooked by her after going to Repticon yesterday and watching all these kids younger than him letting us drape the snake over them for pictures.

At dinner last night, Brian told Mom she needed to be in town to deal with me when he gets deployed.  We have the mobilization date, but they haven't gotten their final alert orders yet.  I know deployments come with the territory in the military, but I was honestly thinking he'd be done and out before his unit got deployed.  I was so hoping this wouldn't happen.  I had a mini-meltdown the other night about it and of course Michael made fun of me because it's months away!  He is a meanie!  He knows I'm an emotional person.  Turd.

Got me some new shoes to wear to the gym and some new pants.  I needed them as my "old" shoes are stretched out from wearing the ankle brace in them, and I think they're probably a little too wide to begin with, as they are men's shoes.  Yes, I got in the habit of buying mens sneakers because they are wider, and it's easier to get them in a size that fits the length of my foot.  Finding 11's in women's shoes is not always easy, but I did it today.  I went to the Shoe Dept. at Arbor Place Mall and found me a pair of Nike's.  In the whole store, in athletic shoes, they had maybe 8 prs of 11's out of at least 100 different kinds of shoes.  That's just wrong in my opinion, to have such a small selection.

I wanted the bright yellow pants to wear to the gym, but alas, they didn't have my size.  So I got me some neon green ones and a pair of black capris.  I want some of those long shorts that I guess are like bike shorts, that come just above the knee, but didn't see them at the store tonight.  Gotta have some of those for summer time.  It feels like spring has sprung this weekend - the temps hit close to 70, the lizards are out at mom's house, the dog is shedding up a storm, and I've seen some flowers in bloom in the neighborhood.

So tomorrow I think I'm doing the step interval class again.  I hate it but it works me good.

Okay my honey says to type "the end - time to go night night with the honey" good night everybody!  Gonna go shower then snuggle!

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