Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out of commission.......

Wow, I woke up this morning, a little after 5am, so damn sick to my stomach. As I lay there, fighting off the nausea, I was trying to figure out what did it. I assumed it was the new antibiotic the dentist put me on, that I only took half of last night because when I opened the bottle, I realized it's the one that gives me a major rash on my bottom. (TMI I know, but hey, it's my blog)

When I finally had no choice but to get up and go start hurling, I realized that no, I don't think it was the antibiotic, I think it's all the congestion I've had over the last couple of weeks, that I haven't really paid much attention to. And with the way my chest feels, I either have a really bad case of bronchitis, without the excessive coughing, or it may have evolved into pneumonia.

This has hit me suddenly - I mean, I keep that deep cough year round, but it's not a constant thing - just a couple of times a day, mostly to clear my throat. I normally take an allergy pill of some sort daily, but haven't in a few weeks. I also was taking mucinex a few times a day, but once I ran out of those a few weeks ago, I stopped taking them. I guess this has just built up in me until it has gotten to that point.

I was totally miserable until I fell asleep again around 7:30am, then was awakened by a text message from my son around 8:30am. I have been a whiny, miserable crybaby this morning. I am not a good patient, and unfortunately there is no one here to take care of me.

I'm sliding back into misery again, as I start to realize how my chest feels, and how it's affecting my breathing. It doesn't hurt; it feels tight and somewhat achy, and I'm sure that's a sign that there's infection in there. I can still breathe okay, but I am getting short of breath pretty quick just walking through the house. I foresee going to the doctor some time today - luckily my doctor's office takes walk-in patients, so I don't have to worry with an appointment, or being able to summon the strength and wherewithall to pull my shit together and make it there by a certain time.

Going to try to nap again for a little while, then I guess I'll try to shower and head to the doctor's office. I hope everyone else is having a better hump day than I am.

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  1. ***UPDATE*** I went to the doctor, it's *just* bronchitis. Sent me away with an antibiotic and instructions to get Mucinex D and Claritin again. Great......but nothing out of the ordinary. I just hope this antibiotic, which I don't believe I've had before, will knock this mess out. Otherwise, it will be 2 weeks on Levaquin and no gym while I'm on it and for like 2 weeks afterwards. Dammit let's hope this doesn't get to that point!