Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, funday.......

So Mom was due in from across the pond this afternoon, but for some reason her flight didn't happen. We were gonna pick her up and go eat at our favorite little Mexican restaurant. She's due in tomorrow instead, and wants to go eat afterwards, but I won't be able to pick her up OR eat since I have those root canals scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm. :-( Maybe I can show up and slurp down a margarita for dinner instead of chips and salsa! NOT (yeah, no more margaritas for me - remember my 40th bday???? LOL)

Anyways, at least that gives me all day to clean house, do my nails and wash that ever-increasing gray right outta my hair. I know, I said I was going to stop coloring my hair, but I just can't stand the roots I've developed since the last color faded, and the damn grays are freaking breeding like damn rabbits! LOL When I colored it last time, it was supposed to match my roots, and it did. However, as time went on, and I got more and more exposure to the sun, the ends faded back to a nice shade of reddish golden light brown, or something similar. I love that color, and I like my natural color, so I've chosen medium golden brown - that's sort of in between the two. It should take out a good bit of the red, but still have those golden highlights.

Anyways, I hope to get busy here in a few minutes and get all my stuff done that I want. I hope you all have a great Sunday! And don't forget - clocks rolled back an hour last night!

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