Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time to play catch up.....

Well let's see....last Wednesday I had my gum surgery - "crown lengthening" as the dentist called it. NOT fun - I didn't know I was getting stitches, for one thing. Second, I thought I'd be completely numb throughout the procedure, since it was just gum tissue she was messing with - wrong. I was numb for approximately 85% of the procedures (she did it for both teeth I had root canals on) - the pain I did experience was almost as bad as the actual root canals, but fortunately was very brief. Third - once I figured out about the stitches, I assumed they would either dissolve or be absorbed - unfortunately not - I have to go back Wednesday morning to have them removed. My gums still are sore, and the stitches are aggravating. I can't wait to get them out!

Thursday I spent running errands after work - doing what I don't even remember now. I do remember forgetting that interval class was that afternoon, but it didn't dawn on me until I had left the office and of course didn't have any gym clothes in the car with me. I hate that I can't remember what I did do - oh now I remember - I tried to make it to the McDonough post office so that I could ship Brian's first care package to his deployment location. That location closes at 6pm, so of course being that I get off work at 4:30pm, I incorrectly assumed that an hour and a half was more than enough time to get there. What a freaking joke! So I went by one of those Postnet places that does postal service and either UPS or FedEx services, but they couldn't process it because the package was "oversized". Plus I didn't think about the fact that they charge a fee for processing mail, so it would have been less expensive to go to the post office. I took a half day off work on Friday for my trip, so I went by the post office near the office and got the package shipped.

Friday didn't go the way I'd planned - I of course had put off packing anything for the trip until Friday - started with the toiletries that morning as I was getting ready for work and finished when I got home from the post office. I had planned on having the dogs dropped off at the boarding place in time to pick Steven up from school, but because of the post office trip taking a lot longer than I expected, I was running behind. I went ahead and dropped the dogs off, came home, packed, and then we were on our way.

First stop in Columbia - Jillian's. It's a restaurant/bar place where the band always has a drop-in the night before the game. They have lots of memorabilia, play old marching band videos, and it's the first chance everyone has to say hi and reconnect. I saw a few folks I remembered, but unfortunately there were lots of faces I didn't recognize, and a few whose names escaped me. My friend and old college roomie, Amy, met us there and we hung out for a while.

Saturday, we had to be at the band hall at an unGodly hour - registration started at 6:15am, with practice starting at 7am. It was fun, and being that I haven't played in a while, it came back to me fairly easily. We had enough people in the alumni band where they put us on the field - not like the old days, where we actually got to march with the marching band. We got to march onto the field into a block formation, to the side of where the Carolina Band would be, and play from there. We got to do both pregame and halftime.

The halftime show was awesome - it was Veteran's Appreciation weekend, and the show was all patriotic music. Now, I'm the kind that is deeply moved by patriotic music, and it can sometimes even be something as simple as hearing the national anthem. I have great pride in our country, and great appreciation for our military, and not just because my husband is in the army and is deployed. I've always been like that (although honestly with his being gone, I'm even more emotional when it comes to patriotic stuff). During the halftime show, there was a presentation given to some of the graduates of USC that were honored military members, and there was another presentation given to the family members of some graduates that were killed in action. This was complete with a 21 gun salute, and the missing man formation flyover. It was a very moving, emotional experience, and was definitely one that I wished my husband had been able to attend.

Anyways, after the game, Steven wanted to ride out to where we used to live, and by the hospital where he was born, and go to Columbiana Centre mall, and get some gelato. We did all those things, and had dinner at Fuddrucker's. I crashed out around 9pm or so last night - very early night for me!

We got up today and stopped by Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs & Ice Cream on the way out of town. Things were different there, but still good. No more "gourmet" ice cream. :-( I'm kinda wishing I had another one of those slaw dogs - it was good! We got home a little after 3pm, and stopped by Publix to order Steven's birthday cake for tomorrow.

I cannot believe my child will be 16 years old tomorrow!!! Where has the time gone?????

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