Sunday, January 22, 2012


I wish I could make today a lazy day, but there's so much to be done around here. I don't know where to begin. I know I need to just pick a room and get going on it, but it never fails that I will start in one room, then move to another, and another and nothing ever gets finished 100%. It's one of those rainy, gloomy looking days outside, where I'd much rather be cuddled up in bed, watching tv, reading, or doing some cross-stitch, but I have goals to accomplish around the house and need to get moving.

I did get the living room almost done yesterday, but there are still things in there to put away, dusting to do, and maybe some more rearranging of things. I got the dishes done yesterday, well, what would fit in the dishwasher, and there are a few other things that need washing and putting away. Then of course there's the kitchen table that needs to be cleared off. What a freaking mess.

I got a few loads of laundry done yesterday, have a few more to get finished today. I bought one of those rolling clothes racks and stuck it in the corner next to the washer, so that's making it a little easier to deal with the clothes when they come out of the dryer. (I was hanging them on the door knobs and up in the pantry door frame, which was real inconvenient if one of us wanted to go into the pantry)

I've been tossing and turning since around 7am today, the dogs finally made me get up around 9am. We had a good long walk this morning, all the way down to the Family Dollar or Dollar General store (I think that's almost half a mile, one way). Had me an English muffin for breakfast, and I suppose it's time to get moving around this house and do something.

I hope everyone has a great day, and accomplishes whatever it is they have planned for today.

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