Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boy I'm Glad I Did It!

Had a totally freaking AWESOME workout in interval class this morning!  I worked really hard and burned a bigger sweat than I have in a long time.  Such a satisfying feeling, to know that I worked hard in there.  My only issue with the class this morning was this one woman kept going "wooo!" during class.  I know that shouldn't have bothered me, but damn, she would not STFU.  I mean, it seemed like every 30 seconds or so, you'd hear "wooo!".  I finally looked over to see who was doing it, and it was this woman that was smacking and chewing her gum so furiously, it was like watching a cow on speed, chewing their cud.  I found her excitement for the class to be extremely distracting and quite annoying.

Ran over to McDonough to hit Petsmart for some food for the pups, and ran  into an old friend from high school.  We chatted a bit until Mom called from across the pond, then I went about my business to get the dog food.  I chatted with Mom all through my foray through Petsmart, and to Randar's Reptiles (for snake food), and headed home.

So now it's showertime, then Steven and I are going out to run errands (to include 1 more rat for Prissy - she's really hungry today!).  Hopefully I'll still be energized when we get home and I can get some stuff done around the house.  I need to make my packing list for England, and start putting things aside that I'll be taking with me, and I also want to go through my closet and either pack stuff up that isn't used regularly (like all the extra blankets and pillows and stuff), and file the box of papers that's in there.  I can't file, though, until I go through the filing cabinet and pack up all of Steven's old school papers from elementary school and shred other documents that I no longer need.  I really need to organize that filing cabinet so that it will be easy to just file documents rather than stack them on my desk or stash them in a box.

Anyways, gonna go wash away the sweat and find something to get into.  I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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