Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012 - Liverpool, and more fun

We got up this morning and headed to Liverpool to do the Magical Mystery Tour and visit the Beatles museum.  I love riding through the countryside here, it is so beautiful!  It was also interesting to see the shipyards and industrial areas in Liverpool, and all the wind turbines that are there near the shore.  We had a nice tour on the bus, seeing many things throughout Liverpool.

After the tour, we went to lunch at this steakhouse that is at the Albert Docks, which is where the Beatles museum is.  There was so much to see at the museum, I really think it would take more than one visit to see and hear it all. 

While we were there, I was reminded that the shirt I was wearing tends to come unbuttoned at times, showing things off I'd rather leave private.  I tried my best to keep check on this, and did a great job.  Until dinner time.  We went to Salvatorre's for dinner, and at one point I glanced down and the top 2 buttons of my shirt were undone!  That had my shirt open to halfway down my stomach!  I said "oh shit!" and grabbed at my shirt to button it, and Brian noticed this old man at the next table just a grinning.  Apparently, he'd gotten an eyeful.  Oh well, I made sure to pay attention to the shirt the rest of the evening! (and will be sewing a stitch or 2 in those top buttonholes before I wear this thing again).

Had an awesome time at dinner - we caught Brian dancing a crazy dance on the landing on the stairs, coming back into the dining area - and so did the table behind us!  We were applauding him as he approached the table, and so did they!  And as they left, the gentleman came up and told Brian that he was the best entertainment all evening!  It was so funny!

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow - we are trying to arrange a couple of day or brief overnight trips to a couple of different places.  It's 12:15am on the 27th now, England time, so I suppose we'll be getting up in the morning and making plans for the day.

I posted all the pictures we've taken so far on Facebook in a new album.  Enjoy!

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