Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just not feeling it.......

Sitting here this morning, with my usual Saturday morning internal debate of "should I go to the gym, or stay home and do stuff?"  Of course I need to go to the gym, and of course going to the gym doesn't mean I can't do anything when I get finished.  Interval class will do one of 2 things to me - it will either energize me, and I'll feel like doing stuff when I get finished, or it will exhaust me and I won't want to do a thing when I get home. 

Ms Clydie and I went through family pictures last night - I got to see a lot of Brian's family, and a lot of old pictures of Brian.  Of course Steven wants me to scan them and post them on Facebook, as there are some really cute pictures of Brian from his youth, but I won't do that.  Well, at least not yet.  :-)  And of course there were some old pictures of my family that we went through - love those hairdo's in the 60's and early 70's that my mom had!

I'm having some feelings I just can't shake, some stuff having to do with old wounds that just haven't healed.  Things from my 'past life' that are lingering - thoughts of how things were and how I was treated regarding some things, and I just have that sick, senseless feeling that I may go through something similar again.  These feelings are senseless, as I truly know in my heart and mind that I won't, but some things were just so ingrained in me for years, it's hard to shake it off.

Well, it's getting time for my 2nd cup of coffee, and to get ready to head to the gym shortly.  Hopefully the gym will energize me and I will come home and get busy doing stuff.  Y'all have a great weekend.

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