Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a hodge podge of randomness.....

Hmmm....where do I begin.....I've been in a funk for the last month, for several different reasons. The main reason has been discussed here before, so it doesn't bear repeating, and I don't wish to go into detail on the other reasons.  But suffice it to say, my funk has absolutely nothing to do with my husband, my son, or our families.  Enough said.

I will say this - if you're going to talk shit about me in your Facebook status, might as well grow some balls and tag me in it.  (and if you're not friends with me on there, you should be, just so you can tag me in your status updates)  If you're brave enough to talk behind my back you are in the perfect position to kiss my ass.  Oh, and just so you know - the guilty ones always think you're talking about them.  Yeah....I bet you think this blog is about're so vain.....and likely guilty.

As my Facebook status says....some people need to get over themselves....and get a clue.  That status just fits things perfectly for a couple of situations I'm in the middle of.   I'm so tired of people that only think of themselves, and only their side of things and point of view on things.  These situations I'm in the middle of, involve individuals that are only thinking of themselves, and have absolutely no regard, concern, or care for my side or my feelings about things.  They act as if my feelings and thoughts don't matter at all.  Well, if I'm involved in the situation, then hell yes, my feelings count.

I went to bed upset last night because I let these things and people bother me.  I was in an ill mood, and that mood didn't just affect me, it affected those in my household.  I don't like being in an ill mood, nor does my family like me being in an ill mood.  Sooo, I am taking the power back from these individuals that are so self-centered that they refuse to see the other side of things.  No longer will you have the power to upset me.  No longer will I allow you to put me in an ill mood.

I cannot control anyone else's actions, reactions, or words, only my own, so I choose to change how I react to people that insist on only seeing their point of view, regardless of how narrow minded it might be.  I will no longer let you have the power to upset me, or to make me angry to the point of being in an ill mood for hours at a time.  Sure, I will get angry over things, but I will no longer allow myself to dwell on them. 

I would advise those of you that I piss off or disappoint on occasion, to follow the same advice.  Don't let me get under your skin.  If I post something you don't like, be it here, on Facebook or any other website, then perhaps you should stop looking at my stuff online.  That's what I've had to do with at least one person - stop going to their Facebook page so I don't get angry over their one-sided, self-centered posts.  It's a great way to avoid getting angry over things that you have absolutely no control over.  And that's precisely the point - you don't control me, and I can't control you. 

So get over yourself, and get a clue.

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