Monday, July 25, 2011 by popular demand.....

So, the nosy one(s) win and here I am!  I don't want to keep my follower(s) waiting any longer!

Time to do the nails tonight.....Curator's Crimson by Finger Paints.  Love this red!

Last week was somewhat miserable and boring.  I was all alone all week - Steven's in Arkansas with my dad, and Brian was playing army all week in Wisconsin.  I just lazed around the house most of the week and I got a lot of sleep the first couple of nights.  I also managed to lose a few pounds, as I wasn't cooking for 2 or 3 people and just sort of grazed through the evening.  (I had 3 different people insist I look like I've lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks, but seriously, it was only 2-3 lbs!)

Gabriel has grown so much since we got him - he's gained 4.1 lbs in the last 2 weeks and is noticeably bigger.  And a rotten little stinker!  He knows how to give kisses already!  And he knows to sit when he gets a treat.  Now, to get him to leave Dominion's wanker alone!

I think we're going to the firing range this weekend, just have to decide if we're going to go before Steven gets home, or take him with us when he gets back in town.  I suppose that will depend on what time his flight arrives (I don't recall off the top of my head, I'm thinking around 3:30pm but I'll check before then and make sure I'm there on time to pick him up).

Had a good workout tonight at Gold's - Interval class.  I've really got to get back on track with my gym-going.  It honestly makes me feel so much better and I get so much more energy when I work out regularly, not to mention it helps me beat the blues, and I've had a lot of those lately.  Friendship issues, hormones going bonkers, some people trying to control me and/or make demands on me about certain things that just aren't going to happen.....(and no, that last bit does NOT refer to Brian)

All that, and I'm really missing my mom and my 2 closest friends.  Other than my husband, I don't really have anyone to talk to on a daily basis like before.  For those of you that I do consider my friends and feel the same way towards me - please don't take offense at this whole paragraph.  I think you all probably understand that I have (had) just 2 or 3 people that I talk (well, used to talk to) to regularly and confide all my deepest darkest secrets to.

One, I've blogged about our falling out and I just don't see that resolving itself anytime soon.  I suppose some of you would suggest that I make the first move to try to heal that rift, but I just can't bring myself to do it.  It's all principles to me.  I can't in good conscience bring myself to go back to that, not without knowing that some sincere apologies will be offered to me.  If I'm wrong for feeling like that, then so be it, but that's where I stand with it.

The other good friend is going through some really tough times right now, and while I really do want to be there for her, I think she's in a place where I really can't be.  And that's not out of meanness or lack or caring for her - she's trying to deal with some heavy things and really has to do some deep soul searching on where she's at, where she's going, and how she's going to get there.  She has a lot of healing to do, too, and sometimes these things need to be left to the professionals and on your own to figure out.  Not that I'm not there for her - if she called me and said she needed me to come get her, I would do my best to help her out and be there.  (so if you're reading this girlie - I love you and please get in touch with me when you can!)

And of course there's Mom - she's in England and I don't even know when she'll be back in the USA.  Sure, we email every week, but it's just not the same as seeing her every week and talking to her almost every day.  I totally understand why she's there and am very happy for her, but it's gonna hurt not having her here when Brian deploys later this year. :-(

Okay, I've said this man times before, but apparently it's worth repeating - if you don't like what I post on any of my profiles or in my blog, there is a very simple solution to the problem - stop visiting the profiles and blog!  (And no, I'm not referring to a recent posting I made on Facebook that had vulgar language in it - that was inappropriate and I didn't realize til after it was posted that the foul language showed up on the Facebook posting I made, although if you'd read the original blog that posting was from, and then the follow-up that had the foul language title - it was really quite funny and didn't have that much language in the body of that particular lady's blog.)

But I'm just referring to things I post such as pictures and comments and blogs - I only post pictures that I've taken, or that physically belong to me (which means they are mine to do with as I please), or that are out there to be shared from comical sources, and any comments that I make on any photos posted anywhere that I have the ability to comment, or on my profile or in my blog or on any other website or profile of mine, are my personal thoughts and/or beliefs, and are therefore mine to share with whomever I wish to share them with. 

I can understand some people having a problem if I was posting something ugly or inappropriate (and let's face it, I've been known to do that on occasion), but what I'm referring to wasn't ugly, or inappropriate - in fact, the things I've said that are relevant to this topic of conversation were some very nice things.  So - I don't quite understand the problem, but as I said in a previous blog - If I post something you don't like, be it here, on Facebook or any other website, then perhaps you should stop looking at my stuff online. more thing from that particular blog - get over yourself and get a clue.

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