Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where do I even begin.....

So much has been going on lately, I don't even know where to begin, but here goes (in no particular order).

My mother-in-law had surgery Tuesday.  I'm not going to go into details, those that need to know, have been told what the deal is.  I just want to ask everyone to please pray for her.  She has a potentially long road to recovery ahead, so please pray that the recovery will go smoothly and that she will be healed.

Brian left for Ft McCoy Thursday and will return on the 23rd.  He will be jumping out of airplanes every day, starting Monday.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he will stay safe!

I went to the farmers market today to buy some fresh veggies for me and 2 of Brian's sisters.  For us, I got some green beans, purple hull peas, corn on the cob, and some beans that looked kinda like fat butter beans in the shell, but when shelled, look like either english peas or green crowder peas.  So I'm sitting on my bed, shelling the purple hulls, and feel something on my leg.  I see something green and feel what I swear felt like it pinching me, and I jumped up and started screaming like a little girl!  Stupid green caterpillar/worm thingy.  Ewwwww!!!!!  Those things gross me the hell out!  I didn't kill it, but I did put it in the trash can with the empty shells.

I'm only halfway finished shelling the purple hulls and already have a HUGE bowl of peas.  I would imagine I probably have 4-5 quart bags full so far, so I am pleased with the turn out on those.  The mystery beans/peas, I think I will have just 2 quart bags of those, and will probably make 4-5 quart bags out of the green beans.  I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to make some home made creamstyle corn with some of what I got today, and I will prep and freeze the rest of it.  I am so glad I've learned how to prepare and freeze veggies - nothing is better food-wise than fresh veggies!

Our new puppy, Gabriel, is really testing Dominion's patience.  He just wants to play, but he's barking and being aggressive, and Dominion isn't used to that.  Dominion stays under me at the desk or next to me on the bed with Brian not here, expecting me to protect him from Gabriel.  Poor thing got tangled up in my keyboard cord tonight and pulled it out of the computer and I thought was going to rip the keyboard tray off the desk, trying to get away from being tangled in the cord. 

I took them for a walk together this afternoon - that is a LOT easier said than done.   The puppy forgets the purpose of the walk is to go potty, and just wants to jump on his daddy and bite at him.  He was funny today with that - he finally gave up attacking his dad and went #1, them immediately into #2. 

When I got home from delivering the veggies I got for Brian's sisters, I decided to take the pups to the dog park.  We were the only ones there, which was kind of nice.  Gabriel stuck his face where it doesn't belong and he got peed on.  LOL  He came to me and just looked at me with this pitiful look in his eyes, like "Daddy peed on me....please clean me....."

Then while I was sitting on the bed shelling peas, the dogs took a nap.  When Gabriel woke up, he was whining and trying to get my attention, and before I realized it, he tinkled on the bed.  So, he knows to alert us to go outside at least.  But he loves to chase frogs.  I don't like that - I don't want him licking frogs or chewing on them or eating them.  I can't stand frogs (hate them almost as much as green caterpillar/worm thingys crawling on my leg)!

Gabriel does not like being crated, not at all.  Today was his first experience in it, and he seems to not mind being able to go in and exit it at his will, but once you close him up in it, he freaks out and starts this horrific screaming yelp like something is killing him.  Pitiful I tell you.  But necessary while I work this week.  I just don't want to take any chances of Dominion accidentally hurting Gabriel if Gabriel gets on his nerves too much.  That, and Steven isn't here to walk him during the day, and I know he'll have accidents in the house if he isn't walked frequently. 

Well I suppose I should go to bed....I know Gabriel will have me up at like 4am to go potty.  Almost like having a human baby.....

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