Saturday, July 30, 2011

It is what it is....

My son came home today!  Yay!  He managed to maneuver himself from the gate to baggage claim without me....I hadn't intended it that way, but Brian and I were running behind in getting to the airport, plus the plane landed 20 minutes earlier than the last Orbitz update said it would.

I actually got up and went to the gym today - first time on a Saturday!  I went to the interval class, expecting it to be taught by Rhonda as stated on the schedule, but Priscilla was filling in for her.  (Priscilla is the one that does "total body interval" and almost killed me and Brian when Brian first started going to the gym)  But, she took it easy on us...there were only about 10 of us in class, which was kind of nice to not have a packed room.

Thankfully I've dropped 8lbs in the past 2 weeks - mostly water weight, but hey, I'll take that.  It's given me some motivation, and I managed to make it to the gym 4 times this week (would have been 5, but traffic sucked ass yesterday and I didn't make it there in time to go to the class I wanted to go to).

We went to the firing range today after picking Steven up.  We all shot the 9mm, 45 and the 270rifle.  I hit the rifle target dead on where I was aiming, too!  Twice!  (I only fired it twice, so I was 2 for 2!)  That was exciting for me - it was the first time I've ever fired a rifle!  And I did my usual good shootin' with the 9mm, and did pretty darn good with the 45, too.  Steven shot all 3, and did quite well for his first time with the pistols and rifle. 

Well, my birthday is Monday, and I had wanted to go to Southern Pit BBQ for dinner, but it looks like they are closed on Mondays.  Dammit.  Now I have to think of somewhere else to go for dinner.  Any ideas?

I think I'm gonna do some of the back to school shopping tomorrow - Steven starts back on the 8th, so I guess I should get busy with that.  Seems like there was something else I wanted to do, but I don't remember off the top of my head.  Oh well, I'm sure it will come to me eventually.

I hope y'all have a great Saturday night and rest of the weekend!

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