Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, it's almost Wednesday.  I'm home alone til Saturday.  Makes for great sleeping time since the only ones here needing me are the pups, and they don't need a whole lot.  Other than Gabriel wanting to play last night when I was grouchy and ready to go back to sleep.  I'm afraid he'll be like that again tonight....might get his furry little butt crated if he keeps that up!

I made an observation about other drivers on the trip to Missouri, and see that this occurs quite frequently at home, too - it seems that 95% of the asshats on the road have their cell phones plastered to their heads and are chatting away, oblivious to the world around them.  We had a few near misses and several extremely inconsiderate drivers that pulled out in front of us or changed lanes suddenly with no blinker, and all but ONE of them had a cell phone glued to their head and were quite nonchalant about their poor driving skills.  The one person that wasn't on the phone damn near changed lanes on top of me and when I laid on the horn and she realized it, she whipped back into her lane and actually make her best efforts to apologize for her mistake as we passed her.

I don't know why in the world people don't use bluetooths for their cell phones while they are driving.  Yes, you're still somewhat distracted by talking on the phone, but at least both of your hands are free to use for driving.

I have an unspoken prayer request for one of my friends.  I know it stinks that I'm not giving details, but I really can't at this point.  Not my place to do so, but she needs prayers.

And regarding a situation with a former friend - as if you are the only one that is hurt by all that has transpired.  My grandmother actually told me that I should apologize AGAIN.  Gee, I don't do duplicate apologies - if once ain't good enough, two or more sure won't do it, either.  Well, she actually said that he and I should sit down and talk about our problems and BOTH apologize for our parts in the tiff.  I tried explaining to her that I had already apologized, and I'd be damned if I was going to do it again.  She didn't seem to understand that point until I explained to her that I absolutely, positively would NOT apologize repeatedly for something that I had already apologized for.

I have sent an email to him, explaining how the whole week of arguing made me feel, and only got back a brief response full of reasons why he was in a bad mood that week.  As if any of those are excuses for behaving poorly and talking so horribly to someone that was supposed to be your best friend.  I mean, I understand why he was out of sorts, but it still doesn't make it okay that he talked to me the way he did and threatened to have us arrested, especially since he hasn't even apologized for it. 

Anyways, gotta walk the pups and go back to bed.  Here's to a happy hump day tomorrow!

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