Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dammit, man......

I am so exhausted, it's not even funny. We (my mom-in-law, Steven and I) drove to Missouri this weekend. Left after work on Friday, stayed just outside Paducah, KY, that night then finished the drive to St Louis on Saturday morning. Came home Sunday - I drove straight through and we made really good time. I had no idea that I would be so utterly exhausted and drained after the weekend.

I think part of it is the trip, and the rest of it is this damn cold I have that just won't go away. While none of the congestion has turned yellow or green, I decided to go ahead and get the antibiotic filled today and will start taking it tonight. I hope this does the trick - gonna keep it up with the Mucinex, and I suppose I'll need to start back on some sort of allergy pill again. Dammit.

Picked the boys up from the boarding vet last night and took them straight to the dog park. They had a great time - some woman brought her little bitty shitzu puppy into the big dog side, and Gabriel thought it was a squeaky toy. Thank God she got to them as quickly as she did, or Gabriel may have hurt that little puppy. He's just a puppy himself, and didn't realize it was another little doggy, but she got control of him and reintroduced him to her puppy properly. Gabriel sniffed and licked the puppy for a few seconds, then quickly lost interest.

Last week Gabriel got "owned" by a big doberman that was twice his weight. First time he fought back and Ms Clydie pulled him away while the dobie's owner got him under control, but later, the dobie SAT on Gabriel! Just sat on him! It was so funny - Gabriel was bewildered by being sat on - he's never been dominated in such a way. But he was definitely submissive to this doberman.

Blood on the Dance Floor will be in Atlanta again April 30, and I'm planning on taking Steven. Any of you in the Atlanta area - feel free to meet us there and let's all have a good time. Masquerade - this time the show's in Heaven.

Skipped the gym all week last week after Monday night. Was still recovering from this stupid cold plus I had other things to do with getting the car ready for the trip to MO, plus I was tired then, too. Haven't been yet this week, either - I'm hoping I feel up to going tomorrow after work. I generally feel so much better when I go regularly, and I've got to get my ass in gear to meet my goals. Of course I don't think working out with tightness in my chest (from the congestion) is a wise idea though. Gonna take my Mucinex religiously over the next day or 2 and see if I'm up for some stuff tomorrow and Thursday at the gym.

Well folks, it's about that time for me - shower and then bedtime. I hope you all had a great weekend, and that your week has gotten off to a good start. Here's to a Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

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