Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday - while it certainly would be wonderful to catch up on the rest that I've missed recently and need so desperately, I won't be able to on Saturday - gonna be a busy day. Sunday, I should be able to sleep in, at least as late as the pups will allow, then I should be able to have a lazy day until dinner time.

Went back to the gym tonight - first night since Monday a week ago. It felt good to do the interval class - I made it all the way through, but did have to stop and slow down a few times to catch my breath. I even had dizzy spells a couple of times, I suppose from the meds and the actual exercising. I pushed through it (carefully) and was fine.

I washed the grays outta my hair last night - used light brown, and dammit if it didn't turn out the same as it did when I used medium golden brown, and medium brown. Too dark. Oh well, at least those damn grays are undercover for now. Someone at work actually had the audacity to tell me she didn't like it and made a face. I didn't take it personally, I know that's how this person is, but wow. You just can't be like that with everyone.

Having my mother-in-law living with us has been such a blessing. She has taken some of the burden of the house off of me - she does a lot of the cooking, and helps out with the laundry, as well as some other stuff. It's so nice to come home to a hot meal after work or the gym, and to know if I need help getting stuff done around here, she'll help with it.

My cold is getting better in some ways, more annoying in others. I still have the cough, but it's less frequent than a week ago. Tonight as I was waiting on the interval instructor, I had some nasal/throat congestion that didn't seem to want to move, so I had to go to the bathroom and blow, and blow, and blow, to get that outta my head. Finally - yellow. So I'm justified in taking the antibiotics. Maybe this shit will finally leave me be by the time I'm done with the meds.

I don't know what the deal is with my nails - they are splitting just about every time they get a little length to them. I have no idea if I'm deficient in some vitamin or mineral. I take a multi-vitamin & mineral supplement daily, omega-3 fish oil, and of course my assortment of shit for this cold and my habitual allergies. None of this stuff should be causing problems with the nails. The lab guy that comes to pick up samples said maybe an iron deficiency? I don't believe so, but hey, I guess I'll start taking our iron/b-vitamin tonic that we make and sell at work. Couldn't hurt, although that shit tastes nasty! (SSS Tonic, in case anyone was wondering)

There's so much more on my mind tonight, but honestly I'm too furious to even go there. Furious, and well, I don't even know how to describe what I'm feeling and thinking at the moment about it. Don't even ask.

What I will say is this - this applies to more than just one person and/or situation, and this will pass soon enough - I'm at the point in my life that I'm no longer going to let anyone rain on my parade or shit in my sandbox. It is what it is, they are who they are, and nothing will change that.

Time to recite the Serenity Prayer.

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