Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting there, one day at a time.......

First night at the gym in almost 2 weeks. I didn't make interval, but I knew I wouldn't, as I had to go home and pick up Steven and drop off a FedEx envelope for shipment. I spend about 23 minutes on the treadmill, and walked 1.22 miles. I did a couple of machine and I was exhausted. I suppose I need to ease back into things this week, then I can jump on it next week.

I've felt so much better today than I have over the last 2 weeks. Just a few coughs, but the congestion is moving on out. It's been nice to not have to suck on cough drops all day long, too. I had one today, and that was it.

Got annoyed at work today - seems someone waited til it was almost lunch time to have me do something that took half an hour. I should have known, though, as this person is famous for waiting til 5 minutes til lunch time or 5 minutes til quitting time to have you start something that will last way more than 5 minutes.

I'm not happy with my nail polish. I used a 5-7 day growth polish as a base coat, and apparently it's not good for that, even though the package said you could use it as a base coat. The polish is peeling off several of my nails and I've had to retouch them tonight. I think tomorrow night I may remove the polish and put it on without the base coat, to see if it sticks to my nails any better. I can't stand having it flake off like this!

So tonight my son and I are headed to the gym, and he's talking about how funny it would be for me to come to school with him on Friday for "take your parents to school day". He then asked me if I could talk "ghetto", and I did the 3 snaps, popped my head and said "guuuuuurrrrrlllll!!!!" I haven't seen him laugh like that in a long time.

On the way home from the gym, I said something to him that made him say that he "didn't need to know that", then he proceeds to say "have you noticed that I don't get so embarrassed anymore by the things you say?" I told him he should just wait til he sees Brian again - I'm sure he'll be embarrassed again! Brian has a knack for saying things to Steven that make him blush.

I think Dominion is going through a depression from missing Brian. He's moping around and acting sad sometimes. He has great moments though, where he's happy and loves to play, but sometimes he's just so sad.

My right foot (yes, the one that was operated on almost 2 years ago) is aching tonight. My whole foot is sore, like I've dropped something on it, or slammed it into a piece of furniture. Okay, maybe not THAT painful, but it's the same kind of pain, like maybe it's a few days past injuring it like that. Mainly one of the toes, and the outer ankle where the longer scar is. And inside the joint, too. I walked the treadmill tonight, and stopped halfway through to stretch the ankle, and maybe I overdid the stretching. I may have to get the heating pad out for it tonight to see if that loosens it up some after my shower.

Okay folks, time to take the pups out for a brief tinkle, then it's shower and bedtime for me. I hope you all had a great Monday, and here's to a fantastic Tuesday!

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