Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a quick note.....

Finally broke down and went to the doctor today - he didn't say exactly what I do have, but he did say that he didn't hear any wheezing or anything in my lungs (really surprised at that). He told me to keep up with the Mucinex D, gave me an Rx for Tessalon pearls and Cheratuss cough syrup, and also an Rx for an antibiotic in case the mucus turned yellow or green (gross, I know but that's what he said). I asked him if there was a shot they could give me that would speed things along, and he agreed to go ahead and give me an antibiotic shot. I don't recall the exact name of it, I think something like Claftin, but dammit, that shot HURT. The sting went all the way down my ass cheek into my thigh! Even worse than Rocephin! And it's sore there now.

I am so sleepy, and I haven't even taken the Cheratuss yet. (it has my friend codeine in it) I'm a little worn out from waking up in the middle of the night coughing, several times every night since the weekend. It will be nice if I can sleep through the night.

Soooo, I think it's time to take the Cheratuss and hit the sack. Call Ripley's, it's not even 10pm yet!

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