Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interesting Weekend......

Started the weekend off on Friday night with a concert - the Tara Winds - at Kennesaw State University. They were great! I really enjoy going to concerts like this, and it was great to hear such a wonderful, talented group of musicians.

Saturday was house-hunting day. We met the agent at 10am, and had 3 houses to view. The first was the nicest of the 3 - already had been painted, new carpet, updated kitchen (granite counter tops and new appliances) - BUT ridiculously small closets.

The 2nd one - I seriously laughed my ass off - I already knew it would need some serious paint on the inside, as the living room was this fuschia/magenta kind of color, and the kitchen was a light/med pink. Never in a million years would I ever think of painting a kitchen PINK. The linoleum tiles in the kitchen - obviously a DIY deal - there spaces in between some of them. All the carpet had been removed, and the bathtubs and showers appeared as if someone had washed oily, dirty auto parts in them and never cleaned them. The roof also had some patches on it, so I would assume it would need a new roof as well. Even for the low price, it would have been too much work to make it worth it. And dammit we loved the floor plan on that one!

The last house - a little better than the 2nd one, but the houses were too close together and the layout just wasn't right for what we are wanting. I found a house that just got listed in the last few days and have contacted the realtor to see if I can view it tomorrow afternoon.

Momma Clydie and I were finished with the realtor around lunch time, so on the way home we made a few stops at Petsmart and Walmart, then headed home. We got to Skype with Brian in the afternoon, before I cooked those "damn enchiladas" for dinner. He's not too happy that I cooked one of his favorites and he's not here to enjoy it, but I will make him some when he is on R&R and that will just have to do!

This morning after I walked the dogs, I finally got up the courage to handle the snake and take her out so I could thoroughly clean her tank. I had run water in the tub for her to soak/swim in, like Brian always does, and when I put her in, she came thrashing out, like something out of a damn horror flick!

Of course, Gabriel was fascinated by her, and he was watching her closely - at one point she came out of the water, looked directly at him, nose to nose, and what does Gabriel do???? Grabs her head in his mouth! Fortunately it was pretty easy to get him to let her go, and even better, the snake didn't appear to be injured. I dragged the dog out of the bathroom, and decided we'd just close the door and leave her be, whether she wanted to be in the tub or out.

Long story short, the snake tank is now clean, and Prissy is back inside it. I checked her head out when I was toting her back to the tank, and she is just fine, no puncture wounds or scrapes.

I can't say the same for Gabriel, however, as he and Dominion got into it while I was waiting for the Eco Earth to set. Dominion bit Gabriel in the face, leaving a nasty puncture underneath Gabriel's left eye. I've doctored it twice with an antibiotic ointment, and it has oozed a drop or 2 of blood since I first doctored him. They were wrestling so vigorously that they ran into the buffet tablet so hard they knocked a cabinet open and a couple pieces of my china set fell out. Nothing was broken, and it took maybe an hour for me to notice the wound on Gabriel's face.

I wonder why dog faces don't bleed as badly as human faces do when they get injured? When I got the cut on my eyebrow back in 2000, I bled so bad my kitchen looked like a murder scene. Of course I needed 5 stitches, so my injury was much larger than Gabriel's, but still - I expected his little face to bleed a lot more than it has.

So, other than walking the dogs a couple times today, and cleaning the snake tank, nothing else was accomplished by me. I did put a load of laundry on about 2 hours ago, but it's still in the washer. I need to put it in the dryer so it doesn't sit overnight and sour. I hate it when I forget to do that and it gets that nasty, sour musty smell and has to be rewashed. Ugh!

I've also been in a mood today. I know, I've been in a mood a LOT lately. I'm thinking this is PMS coming (no, I haven't been keeping up with it like I should, so I'm not 100% sure where I am with that), and this whiny, weepy mood will pass soon. God, I hope this passes soon - I cannot stand to be like this, where I feel like I could just come unhinged and become a complete and total emotional wreck over any little thing.

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend - and here's to a happy Monday tomorrow!

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