Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Friday.....

....and another visit to the dentist. Today is crown prep and impressions to get the crowns made. I have no idea how long this visit will last, and I didn't take the valium this time. I'm supposed to be going to work, then the gym and shopping afterwards tonight, and valium makes me sleepier as the day drags on, so I skipped it this time. I can tell. Not a good feeling to have, 30 minutes before a dentist appointment.

I haven't written this week because I just haven't felt like it. I don't feel bad physically, and not in a bad place emotionally, just haven't felt like concentrating enough to type out a coherent blog entry.

There's been a lot of fun stuff this week - Gabriel has run from his own butt one morning (upset tummy and apparently it must have hurt him to go potty). I discovered last night that Gabriel gags after a barking jag which I find hysterically funny. I also discovered last night that Dominion has a few cracked nails, one of which apparently bled a little. Steven swears he knows nothing about what happened to him, and I have no idea either, so maybe it's just some kind of freak accident. His nails are getting a little long, so I suppose I should try to clip them and maybe that will help keep him from breaking any more.

I clipped the fur from both of the dogs' toe pads - they go skidding through the kitchen so badly when they run through there, and Dominion doesn't even like walking in the kitchen when the hair on his feet gets so long and thick. Gabriel acted like I was trying to cut his feet off, Dominion just laid there and let me do it, but did try to half-heartedly hide his feet.

I made it to the gym on Tuesday (power class), Wednesday was a freebie day that we spent on treadmills and machines, and I went to interval yesterday. I'm planning on going to the step class today, and interval again in the morning. I took my measurements the other night - holy hell I was not pleased. Although I do know I've come a long way, and I'd hate to see what the measurements were even a year ago. But at least now I know what I'm dealing with, as measurements are more important than the #'s on the scale.

Gonna do some Christmas shopping tonight after the gym, and have dinner with Missy tomorrow night and maybe do a little more shopping after dinner.

Well that's all that's been going on in my exciting life - other than I've gotten to skype with my husband some over the last week! Yay!!!! Seeing him just made me miss him even more, but I know this won't last forever and he'll be home before I know it. At least, I keep telling myself that because that's what everyone else says about deployment. A bunch of bullshit if you ask me - my days seem to drag on and on and on sometimes, but I know, eventually, he will be home from this and life will go on.

Anyways - happy Friday to you all! And have a great weekend!!!!!

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