Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Digging my way out.....

Very slowly, digging my way out of this funk I've been in the past week. The hormones are slowly easing up, making it a little easier for this mood to lift. So many things have transpired recently, so many hurt feelings, such tension and anxiety.

I've been trying to wokr off some of the anxiety and stress at the gym. I think that I'm going to start going every day, even if it's just to walk on the treadmill for a bit. Getting out, moving around, makes me feel a little better, plus it helps me to keep my mind off the things that are weighing it down so much.

Tonight I worked legs after the treadmill - I'm afraid of how they will feel when I get up tomorrow, as I worked them pretty hard, with heavier weight than I remember using before. When I was finished, my legs felt like they were filled with cement. I sat down at the smoothie bar with Steven, and as I was stretching my legs out, Les, the instructor for Power class, approached and asked if we were staying. I told him no, I'd done enough to my legs, that I'd never get through the lunge and squat tracks tonight, and he laughed and said well there's 9 tracks in the class and only 2 are for legs. I'm like - yeah, but they're the longest 2 tracks and I don't even trust my legs to get me to my car tonight, neverthelss to actually do an hour of power class! LOL

The legs have loosened up some, and I'm gonna hit the ibuprofen tonight after my shower, so that I have a little preventive measure going into the night and hopefully will wake up with minimal soreness. I'm glad that interval class isn't tomorrow, as I feel pretty sure that my legs wouldn't be able to handle the step. I'm hoping I'll be good to go on Thursday for the interval class - I love that class, as it combines the cardio with some strength training.

Well folks, it's shower time, then bedtime. I'm already up too late as it is. I managed to nap a little bit earlier, but that's not good for my sleep habits. I've been so very tired lately - that's what happens when I'm stressed and upset about things. I sleep - a LOT - when I'm going through emotional turmoil. I basically just shut down, and only function at the absolute bare minimum I have to just to get by.

It's a mircale I'm finding it in me to go to the gym, but I suppose I'm sticking with it because I have certain goals to reach by the spring, and sitting on my ass at home, pouting and sleeping all the time, is not going to get me there.

Happy hump day people - I hope you all have a good one.

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