Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bah Hum Bug

I was so resolved to NOT decorate for Christmas. I've just not been feeling "in the spirit" lately. And I hate having to drag all that crap out of the shed, into the house, go through it and decorate, only to have to undecorate after Christmas and drag all the crap back outside. Plus, I have no idea how Gabriel will react to the tree. Dominion didn't bother it last year, but Gabriel is a puppy and bothers EVERYTHING. Steven started out having the same reservations about decorating that I've had, but after shopping together yesterday, I think we've both changed our minds. I imagine I will find out just how much he wants to decorate when he gets up and I ask him to help me drag everything in from the shed. LOL

I was awakened this morning by Gabriel jumping on and off the bed, and each time he would do it, he would straddle his body over mine sideways, and rest there for a minute, with his full weight (44lbs when we weighed him last week) resting on top of me. He is so loving, just like Dominion - he would lay right up next to me, his head on my shoulder, and snuggle up, and if Dominion tried to get close, he'd get jealous and bite at my hand and paw at me to try to make sure I was only petting him.

Then he decided to treat my belly like a trampoline, jumping directly on my stomach when he would jump on or off the bed. A 44 pound dog is pretty heavy, to have jumping on your stomach. Now he's already worn out, napping on the floor behind me.

I got started on my Christmas shopping yesterday - still have a long way to go to get everyone's done. I don't always have an easy time buying gifts for people, unless I have a list, then it's easy. Steven has posted his list on Facebook, which only a couple of family members are on his friends list, and would be able to see it. I've got a few ideas on what to get for him, but have no clue what to get for other family members.

The dentist appointment on Friday was uneventful, except for the fact that I was there from 8:45am until almost 2pm. She had an emergency appointment come in that she had to deal with before me (my appointment was at 9am), so she didn't get started with me until 10am. No pain from the procedures, and now I have my temporary crowns and am awaiting the permanent ones to be made and arrive at her office.

Steven actually asked me yesterday to make some fudge for him for Christmas, since his New-nee (my mom) isn't here to make it. She made some when she was home for Thanksgiving, but of course that's long gone by now. I bought what I needed yesterday to make some for him, but I may wait til next weekend to make it, so that it's a little closer to Christmas.

OMG I am so SICK of the "Trojan Vibrations" commercial! It has to be one of the most idiotic commercials EVER. Loving it! NOT!!!!!! lol

Just checked out the movie listings for our local theatres - not a thing I'd be interested in sitting through today.

Wow, I wish there was a house cleaning fairy! I am really not looking forward to cleaning house today. It's amazing how cluttered things get in a week (and Brian - don't you say a word about that!!!) Oh well, guess I should get off my butt and get started. Have a great Sunday!

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