Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Damn, Hump Day already????

This last week with Brian here is flying by way too fast.  So much to do while he's home, and just not enough time to do it.

One thing we discovered on our weekend trip to Missouri - my car gets waaaaaaayyyy better gas mileage when you use the midgrade gas rather than the regular unleaded.  Only took a tank and a half each way - I think last time we went it took over 2 tanks each way.  Of course we had an extra person with us and a dog, had to stop 3 times as many times, and packed more things in the car.  I suppose all that could have made some of the difference. 

Another thing we learned after returning home - Dominion absolutely hates being boarded.  It was a first for him, and he apparently did not have a good time.  The vet tech said Dominion exhibited those signs that dogs do when they are distrusting of people, and where you just wonder if they're gonna rip your hand off at a moment's notice.  Not her words, but I knew that's what she meant.  Gabriel, on the other hand, appears to have weathered the experience with no ill effects.  He was happy to see me! 

They made me go back and get Dominion myself - he was barking viciously and growling, but the moment he saw me, his face softened and he didn't make another sound.  He was very well behaved for me, other than almost dragging me out on my ass (he needed to tinkle really really bad).  And he was extremely happy to see me!  I took them straight to the dog park and let them run around, but Dominion was ready to get home after a very short while.  He cuddled with me, in such a pitiful manner - it will be very hard to board him again if we go anywhere and can't take him with us!

I made the enchiladas last night that Brian loves so much.  I think we're gonna go out to eat the next few nights, at some of his favorite places, and we're having the family over on Saturday.  Gonna have a nice big meal Saturday afternoon - looking forward to some fresh collard greens!  Yummy!

And Sunday is the day we say our "goodbyes".  But, it's not really a good bye, more like a "ta ta for now", but dammit I am not looking forward to this.  I know I'll still be able to talk to him, and email him, and I know he's coming back home when this assignment is over, but this is going to be hard.  I've just got to suck it up and keep on keeping on. 

I have a few goals to accomplish while he is gone, and sitting around on my ass, moping around, isn't going to make them happen.  I've got to get busy with my plans and just get on them.  I'm not going to discuss the goals or plans here, for the most part, until later. 

Anyways, I have stuff to get done today, and sitting here blogging ain't getting it finished any faster.  I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.  Until next time......

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