Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sensitivity.....and apologies.....

Yep, some people takes things too personally. Or misinterpret them completely. And assume things about stuff that is said that is so far from the truth, that wasn't what was said, putting words in my mouth that were not there. Some people are always like that, and nothing will change about it, so there's no use in trying to explain it any further.

I will say this - in reference to the comment I made that started all this madness - I sincerely apologize for putting something out there that you took offense to. I honestly did not intend it to be taken and interpreted the way that all of you took it. My blog post last night was in response to the ugly things that were said about me - no, I shouldn't have posted it, but I would think you would understand why I did - I am sick to death of being harassed online, and am really tired of people always thinking things I say are about them, or mean something other than what I intended.

I would appreciate it, in the future, if I post something that you interpret that is negative and is directed at any of you, to please tell me directly, rather than posting nasty things about me online.

And in case you're wondering why I don't say any of this directly to you - you previously requested that I not contact you, so that's why I haven't contacted you directly. I post what I need to say to you here, because I know you read the blog and check out my other profiles and pages.

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