Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow, what a day.....

The day started off kinda shitty....literally.....seems Gabriel had an upset tummy and had a couple of accidents while he was unattended for a few minutes. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back for me - first I didn't get a good night's sleep because Gabriel wanted to whine for what seemed like all damn night, then I read an email from my mother and it contained info in it regarding one of those situations I mentioned in the last blog, where someone owes me an apology. Now, what she said wasn't really bad, but I'm a little sensitive right now, thanks to those lovely hormones, and it just made me mad. Then to find poop messes, not one, but two, that just set me over the edge.

I was yelling at Gabriel for him to come here (I was going to put him in the crate so he couldn't mess anywhere else in the house) and Steven thought I was yelling at him to get up. Poor thing!

Anyways, I got to work, posted on Facebook real quick about not having a brain-to-mouth filter today because of my mood, and told a quick story about an idiot customer, then just dove into my work. The day got better, for the most part, and by the time I left, I was in a much better state of mind. Until I got in the car. I started thinking about how to respond to Mom's email, and how to deal with that whole situation, and was just totally bummed out.

I got home, and Steven said I had some mail on my desk - it was my photo disc from our photo shoot last month! It was awesome to be able to see all the different pictures that were taken. Some of them are really, really good! Here's a few of them:




It's going to be hard to decide which pictures to enlarge for framing! I love Crystal's ideas on photography, and the artsy flair she puts into the shots. Check out the rest of the pictures here:

So it's hump day now - I hope you all have a great day - it's time for me to shower and hit the rack. Ta Ta for Now!

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