Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I got nothing......

Nothing going on tonight. A good workout at the gym in Power class, had a great interval workout last night. Got a new pair of workout pants for $3, and 2 new tank tops for $5 each, clearance at Walmart is awesome!

Have nicknamed Gabriel, the puppy - Shitbird. He's the poopingest puppy I've ever seen! He's getting very very good at letting me know when he wants to go outside, though - he goes to the door. I just have to make sure I'm always paying attention to him, and immediately drop whatever I'm doing to take him out, to avoid accidents.

I'm pleased that my weight has stayed stable the last couple of weeks, even with the hormonal changes - no PMS bloating! Yay me!!! Steven and I are working on finding a workout schedule that really fits into our week, and there are still a couple of classes I'm interested in trying out, mainly the Water Fit class at the McDonough location.

Alrighty folks, it's almost midnight, I'm tired and still need to shower so I can hit the hay. I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and that you will all have an awesome Hump Day tomorrow!

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