Monday, September 5, 2011

Randomness is Awesome!!!

Had a great weekend with Brian's family at Lake Blackshear! Caught some fish, got some sun, and got a lot of rest.

Doped the pups up for the ride home - they aren't bad passengers, other than they don't want to lay down and sleep. They're constantly vying for the spot on the console between the front seats, and when Dominion stands there, you can't see through him to the passenger side. Makes for dangerous driving!

Gabriel HATED the pool! He absolutely freaked out and panicked and made me worry that he wouldn't be able to dog paddle out of it. Dominion - now that's another story - he LOVED it this time. He got in, absolutely totally on his own, to chase a splashy football. He still won't just jump in, but he will walk down the steps and cautiously enter the water, and swim to get the ball. Both pups slept quite well after their day swimming.

Now for my randomness - when I put something up as a status on my Facebook profile, or any other place, it doesn't necessarily apply to any particular person or situation. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. I can't seem to find the saying I'm looking for, but it basically is something to the effect of - if you think it's YOU I'm talking about, you must be guilty of whatever it is that I'm talking about. However, it's not always about YOU.

For example - the status I put up this morning, about not arguing with an idiot, was not directed at the person who apparently thinks it was. It's directed at the various people that seem to think they know what's going on within a particular situation. I'm not going to say anything else about it, because I am not going to make those people and situation the center of any more of my attention than they've already gotten. This is the last of mentioning it (and no, I haven't talked about this particular situation here, nor will I - sorry nosy folks!)

Speaking of nosy folks - damn, that person in the Russian Republic is one nosy s.o.b. I know the person isn't located there as I've traced the IP address - it's spoofed somehow to show Russia, but it's in the US. Plus, I've turned on my profile visitor function on Myspace, so I can see your actual profile name and picture on it. Doesn't really matter who it is - not that I really care, but I just don't understand why they visit my blog multiple times per day, knowing I was out of town at the lake. Didn't take my computer, and sure as hell wasn't gonna blog from my phone, that would take too long. Just shows that I must really be on their mind - a LOT - for them to continue to stalk me like they always have. Glad to know I'm still so important to you!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

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