Monday, February 7, 2011


There's just so much to say, and I'm about too tired to say it. Some of it I can't share yet, the time just isn't right. Let's just leave it to say that I'm so freaking excited!!!!!

Had my eyebrows threaded this weekend. I can't do the waxing, I break out from it, and tweezing 1: takes too long and 2: I just can't see as well as I used to up close and personal in the mirror. I went to that fun little booth at Southlake Saturday morning and had the brows threaded. It hurts like a mother for a few moments, but not as bad as waxing, and there's no lingering "after-pain" like with waxing. Plus, I don't get ingrown hairs with the threading. And I must say, this is probably the thinnest I've had my brows in a while, and they are so neat! (as in not bushy and wild-looking)

Steven is dying to go somewhere on spring break this year - so much so that he was wanting to go on a college exploration trip. He's a 9th grader, for Pete's sake! A little early in my opinion to be shopping colleges. He just wants to do something other than sit at home on spring break. I can so understand that, that's what I was stuck doing all the time on spring break during high school and college. We are going to try to take him on a quick trip to the beach sometime after it warms up - he hasn't been to Florida since he was a toddler, so of course he doesn't remember it. He really wants to see the beach, and I want him to experience the ocean this year.

Manicures and how short-lived they are, suck. I got my nails done last Thursday night with the french manicure, and by Saturday morning, I had already chipped the paint on my pinky. I had to go back and almost argue with them to get them to repaint it, and they wanted to try to talk me into getting acrylic nails the next time. I told them I have no trouble growing nails, I just had trouble keeping the polish from chipping. But, they relented and fixed the polish. Tonight, I took it all off and just painted them all red. The French white had started to chip and peel, as well as the pinkish-clear polish, so I said to hell with it. Hopefully this polish job will last the rest of the work week.

We had a freaking blast at dinner tonight. Not gonna go into much detail, but it was me, Mom, Marion, Brian, Michael and Steven. Brian cooked some of his killer lasagna, and damn it was good. We had more discussions about the lake house and other projects that Marion wants us all to work on or be aware of, some to do while he's gone on his next trip to England (next week), and some to do before he and Mom move over there in April. I can't wait to be able to go hang out at the lake house this summer and not have to worry about messing Meme's place up, or pissing her off because we have the dogs down there. And it will be so freaking fun to actually use the damn boat for a change. I think I've been on a boat 3 times in the last 6 years since they've had the lake property.

Week 3 of working out has commenced. I'm still hating it, and damn I hate those freaking mirrors they have in the workout room! It's so damn depressing to look in those mirrors, they are not in the least bit flattering!

Well it's getting late and I better be heading towards that nice comfy warm bed. I hope you all had a great Monday, and here's to a Terrific Tuesday!

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