Saturday, February 12, 2011


Everybody wants to take a little chance.  Make it come out right.  Just because someone hurt you or broke your heart...realize you do not HAVE to live on Heartbreak Lane... you can move to a new reality and love and live again.  You only live once, but, if you make the most of what is in front of you..once is enough.
That was borrowed from a friend and their Facebook status.  It is so true.  I think most adults know what it's like to have their hearts broken, at least once.  Some of us are unfortunate enough to experience heart break more than once.  Having your heart broken, regardless of what caused the heart break, hurts.  But it's not something that one should dwell on, or let consume them.  Given time, you heal.  You move on.  You experience love again one day.  You even figure out how to not be bitter or angry about a bad break up.  
I was talking to one of my friends today, and she mentioned that her ex-husband is getting married soon.  She said she was happy for him, that it seems like the woman will be good for him, and that regardless of what has transpired since her divorce from him, she feels like it was definitely the right thing for the 2 of them to have gotten divorced.  
I don't keep up with most of my ex-boyfriends, and I certainly don't keep up with my ex-husband, but I can truthfully say that I only wish each of them much happiness in their lives.  Even my ex-husband.  Not much would make me happier regarding my ex-husband than to know that he has straightened his life out, gotten over his prescription drug and cigarette addiction, and that he has learned to be a compassionate, caring, NON-abusive person.  I suppose I am one of little faith when it comes to him, because I don't see him changing after all these years.  I know it is possible, IF he wants it, but that's the problem - apparently losing all the things in life that he claimed were important to him, just weren't enough to make him want to change.
But I digress....just looking at the coming "holiday" of Valentine's Day, I just wanted to spew a little about moving on when you've experienced heart break, and to wish the best to those that have experienced  heart break, past, present, and future.  Life will go on, and one day you will find happiness.  Trust me.....I did!

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