Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday mornings.....

Oh how I love Saturday mornings.  I am usually the first one up, so I get some alone time.  I didn't feel like making myself coffee yet, not sure that I will, and we are out of sweet tea.  Coffee would be faster, so I may go do that in a minute.

Got a phone call last night that I haven't had in a while - a "drunk dial" from a friend of mine.  I heard the phone ring and thought it was the alarm, so I hit it and it answered the phone.  I hung up because I was kinda out of it, then she called back.  I hit "reject" on the call and she left her usual drunk dial voice message.  I suppose it makes me a bad friend for not answering the phone, or hanging up on her when I accidentally answered, but I was very tired and let's just face it - it was 3:30am.  I worried for a brief moment that something seriously tragic had happened, as her drunk dials are usually much earlier in the night, AND she hasn't made a drunk dial to me in well over 6 months, but I figured if it was an emergency she would have kept calling or would have followed up with a text message, which she didn't.

We are going to Mom's today to work around the house and yard.  I've got to help Michael finish up with his boxes, and to put leather conditioner on his couch, and Brian and Steven are going to work in the yard.  I will probably end up helping in the yard, at least for a little while, but I'm not looking forward to it.  I feel like there are things that need to be done around my house that I should be doing, but I do want to help get Mom's house in order before their move.

Michael will be coming to stay with us now that Marion will be back from England this afternoon.  He's gonna hang out over here, and go visit his family in SC some as well, until Mom and Marion leave for England in April.  I imagine there will be no dull moments around here while Michael is here - there are very few dull moments without him - Brian and Steven make sure to keep things lively most of the time.

Speaking of no dull moments - I have blushed more in the past week than I have in the past 2-3 years.  I am not a person that blushes easily, or that is at a loss for words, but damn, Mom and Brian and even Michael have caused some serious blushing on my part.  Mom made a comment the other night that was crude even by her standards, and I was speechless!  I blushed and laughed so hard I almost cried and peed my pants!  Brian succeeded in making me blush yesterday while we were out, and last night, Mom got me again at dinner.  This one I will share - I had on a top that was kinda low cut, and if I leaned over, of course it dropped even further.  Apparently I was leaned over a bit too far and Mom said "fix your shirt, I don't want one of those things to pop out".  The waitress heard her say that and was trying not to laugh in front of us, and either Mom or Michael said something to her that it was okay to laugh.  So she says she tries "not to listen to customers' conversations, but that just kinda popped out", and I commented "well I can't help it they just do that sometimes".  The waitress had to leave the table she was laughing so hard!

Then Mom and Michael started ragging on Brian and Mom got herself so tickled she was crying.  Brian tried to get her attention but she just said "I'm not looking at you!" because she was trying to regain her composure.  I am so glad everyone gets along so well!

Well, quiet time is almost over, time to go wake Brian and Steven up.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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