Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've picked up a new stalker from Tallapoosa, GA.  Not sure who it could be, although I have my ideas.  Hey, Tallapoosa person - why don't you leave me a comment on here???  I'm just curious, and of course everyone is welcome to read, I'm pretty much an open book.  (although sometimes news has to wait until the right moment to share, then I just don't say anything about it until it's time)

Mom and I have some places to visit today, and some shopping to do, then we've got something special planned for dinner tonight, and after that, I think I may have time to drop in on Mustang Mayhem VII.  Those parties are ALWAYS a blast!

I've been really, really frustrated the past week about several different things.  One is work, which I won't talk about in a public forum such as my blog - never know who might read this and I don't want to get my ass in a sling like that teacher did over her blog which criticized her lazy, whiny students.  I totally see her point - a friend on Facebook criticized the teacher and made a comment that maybe it was the teacher's fault her students were like that.  Sorry, friend, but I just don't agree.  I can see where *maybe* it could be her fault, but I'm finding students today do seem to be lazy, whiny, and expect everything to be done for them and they also expect to be able to do what they want.  Don't get me on my soap box! 

Another frustrating thing is worrying about my grandmother.  But I blogged about that the other day and there's just not that much more to say on that topic.

And, I've gotten a tad frustrated with Mom over some planning issues,  but I've kept my cool and made some decisions and everything has worked out exactly how I wanted it to, with no hurt feelings or even ruffled feathers (well, my feathers got ruffled briefly, but are nice and smooth now LOL).

Tomorrow we are moving Michael's things into Mom's house.  For those that don't know, Michael is going to live there while Mom and Marion are in England, to house- and dog-sit.  He will stay with Brian and me until they actually leave, and OMG I'm gonna need some Depends because it's bad enough with just Brian and Steven making me laugh, but add Michael to the mix and DAMN!!!  It's almost nonstop laughs around here!

Well, time for me to go shower and head to Mom's for a few hours today.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I know I will!

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