Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Wow, I've been working out at Gold's Gym for almost 5 full weeks now, going at least 3 times a week, and Mom and Brian both can tell a difference in my physique.  Mom said something about my butt changing shape - I've noticed it seems to be much firmer and somewhat lifted (thanks to those damn lunges and squats that I hate so much!), and Brian has also noticed my face slimming back down.  I seem to gain and lose weight there first, for some reason.  I've been able to tighten up my bra band another notch, but it still fits so I haven't lost anything except a little girth around the back and ribcage.

We moved Michael into Mom's place on Sunday - my biceps quit hurting just in time to take the Power class today.  Surprisingly, they aren't hurting so far tonight.  I may get brave tomorrow and try a spin class, if one is offered at 5:30.  I'll have to check the schedule.  Otherwise, I'll be on the weight machines, as I refuse to do the Centergy class for now (makes my feet cramp pretty bad).  I need to arrange to go later once in a while so I can try the Zumba class.  I remember seeing commercials for Zumba on TV, so I'm kind of curious about taking it at Gold's.

I had a great time at my future mother-in-law's birthday party Saturday night.  Mom went with us so she could meet Brian's family, and we all had a great time.  Lil Christopher sat in my lap most of the night - he is soooo cute!  Steven also asked Brian and me to give him a baby brother or sister.  We both vetoed that idea!  I know I'm not "old", and that a lot of people have babies after 40, but I honestly don't want to take that risk, for me or a baby.  I had high blood pressure issues with Steven, and he was born 3 weeks early because of it, and I just don't want to possibly have a high risk pregnancy.

And although I feel that way about having another child, I still can't bring myself to go through with the ablation to deal with the heavy periods.  It is so very tempting, but at what cost?  And for what result?  The doctor can't guarantee that the procedure will work, or provide me with more than a 25% reduction, 50% at best.  Well, honestly, a 50% reduction would be great, all things considered.  And he couldn't answer whether or not the ablation would reduce the other symptoms I have, including the waves of nausea my monthly curse brings me.  The periods seem to be getting worse, and I'm at the point sometimes where I will end up missing work because of them.  I can barely function at times, and I can't take anything stronger than ibuprofen and still be able to function at work.

Speaking of nausea - I'm plagued with nausea on an almost daily basis.  No, I'm NOT pregnant.  I seriously think it's this nasty congestion that I can't seem to rid myself of.  Dog allergies, I'm sure, but Dominion isn't going anywhere!  I love that doggy too much!  He was so cute last night and tonight - he's insanely jealous when I visit Mom's and have the scent of Bailey and Mousse on me.  He sniffs me all over, over and over and over again, nudging me with his snout, and even nibbling at my shirt at times.  He will do this for as long as I allow him to!

I'm absolutely amazed sometimes at how nosy some people are, and how they manage to get in your business when you've done everything you can in order to prevent news from leaking out before you're ready to tell the nosy individual.  Well, the cat is out of the bag now and yes, I'm engaged! 

I would still love to know how the news got out - my Facebook page has been on "lockdown" since any reference to the engagement was put on there, anyone else who may have referred to the engagement has the privacy settings pretty tight, and nothing has been posted on any other profile of mine that gets snooped around on.  I'll never find out how, though, since Nosey Nancy will never tell or admit anything.  Oh well, it doesn't matter, the news needed to be shared, one way or another.

Tomorrow (well today now) is my Friday.  I'm taking Friday off to take care of some personal business.  Gonna have a great weekend!!!

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